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25 Work Wardrobe Essentials Every Man Must Have

You think you have all work wardrobe essentials? Yes? Then, lets start ticking items off the list!

Every stylish man’s wardrobe includes certain essential items they can’t do without. From it being a basic tee to denim jeans to a suit or oxford shoes there are few work wardrobe essentials that every man must have or should own. These items are seasonless and classic.Seasons change, trends change but these items and their importance will never change. They are your saviour and we bet you can never be wrong with them. So do you think you have them all? Does you wardrobe include all the essential items? If yes, then lets start ticking off items from the list!

These 25 Work Wardrobe Essentials form the foundation of a successful work wardrobe.These basic work essential items are something that you just can’t miss to include in your wardrobe!

Here is a list of 25 Work Wardrobe Essentials for every man…

Work Wear- Wardrobe Essentials

Navy Blue Suit

A navy blue suit is a must have in every man’s wardrobe. Wear it to a wedding or to work or on a date night or to the funeral because this suit is literally perfect for any and every event. A Navy Blue Pinstripe Suit will look absolutely dope, so do have one in your wardrobe.

Grey Suit

Neutral colors like blue, grey and black are colors that always look good. A Grey Suit is thus an important work wardrobe essential for every man. This suit is the perfect work wear choice for every corporate professional. It adds style and class to your look. Pair it up with a nice dress shirt and right accessories for a sophisticated look.

Blazer/Sports Jacket

A blazer/ sports jacket is one of the most versatile piece to add to your wardrobe. It is perfect for professional and casual events. Pair it with chinos for business meetings and team it up with denims for an evening outing.Blazers/ sports jacket are cool, comfortable and yet so classy. A navy blue or charcoal grey blazer would be perfect for every event or occasion.

White Button Down Shirt

Another versatile piece that needs to be in a man’s work wardrobe is a classic white button down oxford shirt. Wear it under a suit or a sweater or team it up with a pair of jeans or chinos and you’re good to go. So you see how this one essential item can be rocked with so many different outfits? Now without a doubt add a button down oxford shirt to your closet.

Dark Denims

The dark denims rocked with a polo or a sweater and blazer would be the perfect choice for casual meetups, weekend work or conferences.So don’t forget to add a dark denims to your work wardrobe essential list.


When you don’t wish to wear denims opt for chinos. The best alternative to denims and also one of the classiest bottoms.Chinos strike the perfect balance between the formal suit trousers and casual denim jeans. Chinos add comfort and also a good amount of decency to your look. These modern bottoms are must have in your wardrobe.Play with colors and pair it up with a plain oxford shirt and blazer or a printed shirt to add some style to your personality.

Woolen Trousers

When chinos and denims don’t work, the trousers work! A pair of woolen trousers are the perfect bottoms for every formal attire. So don’t forget to add these in your wardrobe.

Polo Shirt

OnĀ  the days when the button-downs feel too formal, the casual polo shirt will save you. Pair it up with jeans or trousers and you’re good to go.

Plain T-Shirts

A classic that never goes out of style but goes with almost every outfit yes, we’re talking about the plain t-shirt! Team it up with denims, chinos or blazers for a casual yet classy look. Plain tees in colors like white,black,grey or blue are a must have work wardrobe essential.

Cashmere Sweater

Add some texture and layer to your outfits with a cashmere sweater. Go for a light weight neutral look that you can wear in winters and also wear it by itself in springs. A sweater paired with up chinos or trousers is the perfect go to look for your workdays.


A piece of layer that adds some extra style to your look be it a denim jacket, bomber jacket or leather jacket. A jacket is a must in your wardrobe. It takes your simple and casual look to the next level. And is the perfect layering option for weekend workdays or casual meetings.

Accessories- Work Wardrobe Essentials


Pick a watch that is sleek and stylish. A timeless watch is a must in every man’s work wardrobe. A watch will not only help you to be on time but also add a stylish edge to your look. Make sure you don’t mess it up while wearing a watch. Always wear a dress watch with your suits and other formal outfits. A funky or sports watch will ruin your look.


A belt will not only hold your pants but also add to your personality and look. A brown and black leather belt is a must have for every man. Also always remember to match your belt with your shoes.


A tie is a very important accessory when wearing a suit. Your tie should always complement your shirt and suits. Avoid wearing floral printed or funky ties for a professional look. A sleek and slim tie works best for formal occasions.If your shirt is plain opt for a striped tie or so and if you’re wearing a printed shirt or suit then wear a plain tie.

Pair Of Socks

Shoes without socks look naked. A shoes and socks combo is a must for a complete professional and corporate look. Not wearing socks is cool for a wedding but not for a meeting. You think nobody is watching but boy,everybody is! So do not be under this misunderstanding and always always wear socks that match your trousers to avoid any fashion faux pas.

Pocket Square

Pocket squares aren’t necessary but they surely add an extra stylish edge to your look. And who doesn’t want to look stylish these days? So add some really cool and colorful pocket squares to your wardrobe for your next amazing look. Also always remember to avoid matching your pocket square to your tie. They should complement each other and not match, okay?


Another stylish piece of accessory that you need to add to your work wardrobe essentials is the cufflink. Wear it with your shirts or suits to up your style game.

Man Bag

Where are planning to put all of your important papers and documents? In your pocket? Obviously not, right! So invest in a good quality leather bag that will help you organize and put in all your important papers and laptop. Also carrying a work bag makes you look more professional and organized. Thus, a messenger bag or briefcase is a must and should be added to your work wardrobe essential list.

Reading Glasses

Working in a corporate means you’ll be spending most of your time in front of the laptop. This continuous exposure will strain your eyes and in turn damage them. Therefore,you must wear reading glasses to protect your eyes from getting damaged. Choose the right frame that suits your face and also add some style to your look.

Footwear-Work Wardrobe Essentials

Oxford Shoes

No formal or professional look is complete without the Oxford Shoes. The oxfords are an essential in formal dressing. They are the perfect dress shoes that can be worn with a suit or a tux. A slim rounded or pointed toed Oxford shoes are an important work wardrobe essential that you just cannot miss to have.

Oxford Dress Shoes Every Man Must Have in His Work Wardrobe

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Derby Shoes

Derby- Shoes that are less formal than the Oxfords but work best for semi causal occasions. These shoes look good with denims as well as tailored suits. A pair of tan Derbies is a must in every man’s closet.

Monk Straps

The most advanced and fashionable dress shoes are the double monk strap shoes. Pair it up with denims or trousers to add some style to your semi casual look.

Monk Straps Shoes- 25 Essentials You Need In Your Work Wardrobe

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Suede Boots

A pair of the classic and seasonless Chelsea boots are a must in every man’s wardrobe.They literally go with all your looks be it a gentlemen suit look or your rugged denim look.This business casual footwear surely needs to be added your list.


For a business casual look, a white or light blue buttoned down shirt with chinos and loafers will definitely look dope. Loafers are perfect for your casual looks. They are modern, stylish and very comfortable.

White Sneakers

Do we even need to mention about the importance of sneakers in your wardrobe? The one shoe that works with every outfit and every season. Suits, denims, chinos, or shorts a pair of sneakers go well with everything that you wear. The white sneakers also look extremely stylish and cool.

So how many from the list could you tick off? Do you own all of these work wardrobe essentials? if yes,congratulations! If not, then waste no time and add them now.

These items are called essentials for a reason and so you won’t regret having them. Now go include these in your wardrobe and take your business and semi casual looks to the next level.