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10 Ways To Style White Shirt, Be It A Formal Or Romantic Night

Ways To Style Sexy With The White Shirt

A white shirt is a timeless staple and is already present in every man’s wardrobe. Theunstichd tells you the different ways to style your white shirt according to the occasion, be it a formal or romantic night; a white shirt will blend with everything and give you the perfect look. It is the safest fashion piece to wear at any event, no matter what the dress code.

For a Casual look it can be worn in a less rigid and restricting way and it’s perfect due to its versatility. Wear it buttoned up for a decent, alternative edge, or undone for a more laid back, seductive look. Also roll up the sleeves for a gentleman sleeve.

For classy attire you can wear it buttoned and with a tie and black or navy blue trousers for formals and to make it semi-formal you can roll up the sleeves.

For a new look you can sport a blazer and ripped jeans, or striped suit and pant or solid dark coloured three piece suits. Check out the images to get a proper idea as to how the white shirt can be styles like a pro.

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As long as your shirt is crisp and well-fitting it will fit in every occasion and style. You can go super formal to super casual and everything in between. There’s hardly any combination that won’t work. So grab out your white shirt and start experimenting! Good luck!


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