Men Style Guide | When Your Are Running Out Of Outfit Ideas

Ideas on What to Wear When You Don’t Know What to Wear

Sometimes, no, actually most of the times men don’t know what to wear and then they keep thinking till there are literally 30-seconds left to get ready. So the first thing is RELAX. You have already wasted so much time, don’t waste anymore over worrying. Here is a style guide for you

Firstly, know what you dressing up for and where are you going. Next, check what the weather is, and in case it looks cloudy or raining, drop the idea of suede leather shoes.

Always remember, not to complicate things and to keep it simple. Simple is the new sophisticated. That’s how you play safe.

IF YOU ARE HEADED TO OFFICE:  Obviously, it’s time for a suit. Get your smart look with a navy or blue single-breasted suit, a crisp white shirt, brown brogues or Derbies and a tie in a slightly lighter palette. There you go the first of he style guide.

FOR A WEEKEND OR A GUYS NIGHT OUT: Wear something casual, but not carefree. A classic t-shirt layered with a jacket and a pair of jeans teamed with a pair of sneakers.

WHEN IT’S DATE NIGHT: Pick out your best tuxedo and pants. A classic watch, a seductive perfume and a good pair of brogues or shoes will just do the trick. Make your girl go all ooh la la!

Check out these looks by theunstitchd and let us know if you have any queries or feedbacks in the comments section! Good luck!

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