UK’s Male Fashion Country Fashion Trends

UK's Male Fashion Country Fashion Trends

Britain takes great pride in their country, not least for their picturesque countryside. Partaking in countryside sport is a way to show patriotism and immerse oneself into the culture. The traditional attire comes from the rich history found in rural Britain. To find out more about it, check out this website about London

Most often we see this clothing during outdoor sports such as shooting, fishing, riding or other equestrian activities, and for more leisurely activities such as hiking, gardening, or any country outdoor activity. We also see countryside style at outdoor events like at the horse races, festivals, fairs, and other country events. It is during these events that we see some major fashion trends.

Traditional country attire has gained popularity over the years and has now made its way to the city streets. Gone are the days when waxed cotton stayed in the country, oh no, it is now one of the biggest trends, both in the countryside and in the city. In fact, when Britain comes to mind, you are likely imagining a lot of jackets, and you wouldn’t be too far off.

Waxed Clothing

While a countryside charmer, waxed clothing does well anywhere in Great Britain, the material does well against the constant drizzle and keeps us toasty and looking amazing. The ever-trendy waxed cotton does wonders and looks smart and put together, even when thrown on with a scruffy pair of jeans, and a plain tee.

Gaining such popularity, waxed clothing has been re-imagined into designs and garments that accommodate the fashion-forward man. Look through a fashion magazine and ads of stylish men with wax waistcoats and flat caps will light up the page.

Breeks and Plus Fours

Breeks and plus-fours are superb trousers for a country outing, take them for a shoot and people will turn heads, and they’ll do so at just the right moments when you take a winning shot!  Everyone, especially the ladies love a man who is not afraid to wear these trousers, they say he is a confident and patriotic man, one who enjoys leisure in the countryside.

Find these bad boys at the local soiree; they go from the outdoors to high society. These fashionable garments are fashion-forward and show off that you are not afraid of risks.

Breeks and plus-fours will happily come out and play on a warm city day, as a major fashion trend, these trousers add to any man’s style. Head to fashion week and see these trousers paired with unique tops and coats. Choose a bold colour and patterned shirt, and you yourself will be a trendsetter.

Leather Jackets

One cannot forget the leather jacket, an absolute classic. We can’t credit the countryside for making this fine piece of kit a trend, as it has been trendy since its early days, but we can say that it is an absolute must-have both in the country and in the city and always on trend.

A countryman can up his rugged look in style with an aviator leather jacket.  A quilted leather coat can keep a man warm yet give a polished, sophisticated look (quite hard to do while bundled up!) Go for a daring look with an aged leather parka. No matter the jacket, they will do well in the countryside and protect from the elements while ensuring the utmost in style.