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11 Terrific Tuxedos Every Men Must Consider Before Buying a Wrong One

Okay, first of all, tuxedos are NOT suits. They both serve different purposes. Suits are more of an office wear and formal day wear, whereas tuxedos are evening wear. When you get invited for an evening party with a dress code of “black-tie” it means you have to sport a trendy tuxedo in the event.

For a first time tuxedo buyer, these are the tips. Also check out the amazing tuxedo outfit looks that theunstitchd has selected for you. Choose your shining armour!

  • Wear a single breasted tux and peaked lapels. Shawl collars on double-breasted jackets look smart if you can pull it off well.
  • Jetted besom pockets are cleaner than flap pockets.
  • Wear a vest (with peak lapels) or cummerbund (with shawl collars) with a single breasted jacket.
  • No belts on a tuxedo.
  • Choose black knee high socks. Period.
  • Please stick to tuxedo colours either black or midnight blue.
  • White crisp shirts are the best. Also, high quality calfskin shoes.
  • Don’t wear a neck tie, wear a bow tie. You get very less chances to flaunt one anyway.
  • Don’t put on too fancy shoes.
  • Don’t wear two or three button single breasted tuxedos and turn them into a suit almost. It makes no sense then.

Lastly, it isn’t that difficult as it seems. You are sure to rock the look once you get the hang of sporting a tuxedo. Tell us how many girls hit on you at the evening ‘black-tie’ event! Good luck!

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