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A Guide to Tuxedo Shirts and Styles 2021

A Simple Buying Guide for Tuxedo Shirts

So, you were recently invited to a formal occasion. It could be a wedding or any other form of celebration that requires you to dress up and stand out. You cannot go wrong with a tuxedo shirt. Tuxedo shirts are not only classy but also, they bring out the confident side of you. With this piece, you do not even have to try hard to bring out the class in you. The shirt makes you look like you have everything in control but only if worn the right way. These shirts mainly involve formal dress codes. It is therefore reasonable for you to overthink about it and feel like you are not doing enough with the shirt.

If you are still confused about styling tuxedo shirts, here are a few tips to guide you and help you stand out in that upcoming event.

Studs and buttons

Among the aspects that should not miss out on your shirt are the studs and buttons. The removable button strips make the shirts more stylish, and by removable, it means that the top buttons near the collar can be replaced with studs. Studs are game-changers on those days when you want to go for a decorative look probably when attending a wedding.

The color and fabric

Let’s face it. While you may have a favorite color for your clothes, when it comes to tuxedo shirts, you cannot just pick any color and expect it to look good. The classic color selection is white and black for a formal look. As mentioned, you do not have to overdo styling with tux shirts. Go with minimalism for a classy look. With fabric, you can go for twill fabric for a smoother touch. For subtle textural contrast, royal oxford will do. The right material and color will depend on the accession.  For office or if you are looking for the perfect graduation look, a simple selection will do, but for weddings and other decorative events, you can do some enhancements.

Choice of the collar

You cannot overlook the color of your tux shirt. The collar frames your overall look, and you should, therefore, select the kind that will complement and represent the kind of style that you are after. People are more likely to notice the collar more than any other aspect of your attire, and if anything goes wrong, the whole outfit seems wrong. There is a range of collar selections including the spread tux shirt collar. This is the best choice if you intend to put on a suit and a bowtie. The collars differ based on the points and angles since while some have narrow spread, others have a wide. There are also the wingtip collars, and these look more than wings. They are the ideal choice if you are going for the formal or laid back look. Do not try the wingtip collar with a suit or necktie.


You should understand how to style your tux shirt before selecting the rig one. The best part is that understanding the anatomy of these pieces is easy. For example, there is the pleated tux shirt, and then there is the pique bib. For a simple look, you can select the plain front shirt. Each of these shirts come with distinct features, and the right one will depend on the style and look you want to achieve.

Now that you understand tuxedo shirts, their features, and styles, you can easily go to the market and select the one that will match your needs. It is time to rock that outfit and pull your best look.