The Peaky Blinders Effect

Unless you’ve been living without access to the internet or TV, you’ve probably heard of Peaky Blinders. It’s the British drama series that follows a gang led by Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) as they try to run the city with their corrupt activity. The programme hasn’t only taken over our TV screens though, it’s also influenced our fashion sense, grown the popularity of the actors and inspired many themed bars and restaurants.

Its influence on fashion

One iconic part of the TV series is the costume design. Created in a way that makes the criminal gang look cool and enviable, the flat caps, suave men’s shirts and suits have become a fashion trend in their own right.

In fact, The Sunday Times reported that John Lewis’ flat cap sales rose by 27% after the first episode and were up by 83% two weeks later. Google search data also reveals that searches for “men’s flat caps” were up from October to November 2017 (when series four was aired).

One of the main accessories that the Brummy gangsters wear is a pocket watch, looped into one of their suit pockets. In March 2017, Birmingham Live reported that jeweller Rex Johnsons & Sons was struggling to cope with the demand they were receiving for the popular accessory.

It’s not only the clothing and accessories that people are copying, men are also asking for something different when they head to the barbers. Over the past year, an average of 12,100 searches have been made per month for the term “peaky blinders haircut”, showing a high interest in the popular do.

It’s not all in vain though — in March 2019, it was announced that the cap and coat that Murphy wears as his role as the mob boss would go under the hammer to raise money for The Christie NHS Foundation Trust.

A bigger fanbase

Homes across the nation have been welcoming the gang into their living rooms as they watch the Peaky Blinders story unfold. But, following on from the popularity of the show, the actors have noticed their fanbase rapidly growing.

Some fans of the show have a higher status than others too. One Radio Times article revealed that celebrity fans included Snoop Dogg, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, John Terry, Julia Roberts, Steven Spielberg, Stephen King and Ed Sheeran.

Idris Elba and David Beckham have also been spotted sporting the iconic flat caps inspired by the show — the Peaky Blinders effect is taking its toll on all of us!

Themed bars and restaurants

The Peaky Blinders trend is also taking over off-screen as well. You might’ve noticed themed bars popping up here and there, some of the big cities such as Manchester, Liverpool and Belfast now have their very own themed bar which has proved to be popular with tourists and locals.

Southport even has its own hotel inspired by the show, complete with iconic quotes on the walls and 1920s décor.