The Art Of Layering- 10 Ways To Layer Your Winter Outfit

Layering is an art and definitely not an easy task. Mix – matching colors and fabrics may be a little tricky at times. So in order to avoid looking like a clown and mastering the art of layering here are some really great outfit ideas to help you.

Winter is usually known as the “season of layers”. It’s that time of the year when your jackets and coats are used for layering a winter outfit. These layers will protect you from cold and save you from unpredictable weather conditions. During this time you can play around colors, patterns and prints,you can also experiment with fabrics and flaunt your creativity.

But remember layering as easy it may seem isn’t that easy. Sometimes, being too experimental can go wrong. You may feel like a fashionista but it may be the other way around(you know what we mean). So to avoid any such fashion faux pas here’s some layering ideas for you next amazing look. Take notes and get ready to master the art of layering.

  • When it’s cold, bearable cold!

For days, when it’s not too cold but you can feel the chill in the wind, wear your turtleneck and layer it with this cool diamond shape quilted jacket to keep you warm.

Want to look stylish but not the cost of being uncomfortable? Then here’s how you can have both. Put on your sweater and layer it with a comfy teddy jacket.

Cute Sweater layered with a bulky teddy jacket and styled with jeans and boots

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Try this cool look that will surely keep you warm this winter season. Put on that hoodie and rock it with a puffer jacket and we’re sure you’ll kill it.

Style a hoodie with a puffer jacket, beanie and pants

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Not a fan of bold and bright colors? Then this neutral color outfit with a sweater, top coat, loose trousers and beanie is surely worth a shot.

  • When it’s a little too cold to handle

Has the temperature been dropping from a while? Then it’s time to add some more layers just like you can see here below.

If you’re looking for a smart casual winter look this season, then this sweater styled with a double layer is the perfect outfit for you.

Exploring a new cafe around? Then you must definitely try this dress down winter outfit and up your style game.

For an extra comfy and casual look, style your sweater and shirt with joggers and don’t forget to layer it with a fur coat.

  • When it’s freezing and you can’t feel your hands and legs

Cold temps causing numbness? Then protect them with double and triple layers. It’s time to bring out your sweater, jacket, vest and coat and wear them all. But do it right to avoid looking looking bulky. Opt for thinner fabrics that will still keep you warm.

The best way to add a stylish edge to your winter look is by adding a scarf along with the layers. This way you can protect your body from the cold and look stylish too.

So these were some really amazing outfit layering ideas that are worth trying. However, there are certain points that you need to keep in mind in order to master this art.

Avoid bulky coats or jackets that will make you appear huge or shapeless. Opt for colors from the same color family. Choose your fabrics wisely. And most importantly, layer your outfit depending on the weather conditions. You can add or less keeping the weather in mind.