Ten Must Have College Outfits for Every Man

College is funny and the most memorable part of your life, and you can also make it unforgettable for others by adding a unique style to your personality in addition to those good grades and sharp writing skills. Although, a load of assignments, peer pressure, and hectic schedule may leave very little room for you to pay any attention to style but remember, impression plays a part in how people perceive you so you need to know the latest fashion for men. Plus, with all the sororities and fraternities you may get a lot of invitations so you may have a desire to spice up your wardrobe a little before you land your feet in the dorm. And not only girls, but everyone including your teachers like cool boys having a collection of good morning or evening threads.

Here is the list of top ten items every man’s college wardrobe should have:

1. The Crisp White Shirt

College is a fun and cool place but you need to have that one crisp white shirt that automatically and effortlessly makes you look stylish, and the best part is it literally suits everyone without any exceptions. Also, it tops the list of men’s formal wear styles, be it slim-fit Oxford, Henley or Hugo being the best shirt brands, but you need to have one or even multiple.

By aptly addressing how your clothes represent you, you’re instantly attracting everyone’s attention in the vicinity. It is like becoming that hero student with best research paper writing skills who gets admired by all including future prom queen. What is more, you could get custom research paper writing services in the UK to provide the research paper making you stand out in the class. How else are you going to make that lasting impression on your college mates without that impressive research paper or cloth button-down shirt or even sweatshirt? Imagine your friends identify you by saying calling you a cool guy with a white shirt when they see you on the weekends.

2. Those great Jeans

For a cool college guy, there’s nothing better than a great pair of Selvedge jeans. You may choose a pair in light or dark blue; they will go well with literally any shirt in the world. The best part is that jeans always remain part of the latest fashion for men as does the great custom professional assignment.  Do not get confused by the myriad of different descriptions provided on the different brands of jeans, you just have to know your dimensions and it is done. The best jeans are the ones that are right for your shape; you just should spend the right amount of time on the research because once you find the one that fits your shape you are among the cool dudes.

3. The T-Shirt

Another must have item in your college wardrobe is the crewneck T-shirt which has made its way in every men’s wardrobe around the globe from uniform to everyday classic. You can wear it on its own or under light jacket. Also, you can have it in as many colors as you want to suit every occasion. Just find the right size to fit you; it is as important as finding the right custom research paper writing service in the UK and since you are in college you can have few with mildly funny one-liners.

4. A Jacket

One item universally loved by all college grads and undoubtedly the most versatile outerwear is a bomber jacket. It suits almost all body types and can be practically worn throughout the year. Light bomber jacket completes your ultimate college and as long as it fits well you and everyone else will love the look.

5. Trainers

It is the item you can find easily with a million varieties; buy a couple of trainers to fit your looks. If you want to go for some custom refined easy-going clothes yet, you may want to buy a pair of famous fluorescent orange trainers. Or if you want to stand out with something fresh to go with your perfect new denim, you can choose white trainers but keeping them stain free in college may prove tricky.

6. The Suit

A navy blue tailored suit that fits you well is a must have item in men’s formal wear styles. You are in college and an adult, there are no more excuses, and you need to have at least one perfect suit, preferably in navy or gray.

7. Gray Knitwear

It does not stay sunny all the time so you can add a fine gauge sweater for those chilly days and nights. You can use it for layering as well but gray is emphasized as it compliments most other things you already have in your college wardrobe. You can pair it with the white shirt you have or the selvage jeans, and you are ready to make a killer impression. Also, it will be nice to keep some room for jumpers and hoodies in any dark color and keep pairing them with different shirts you have to wear in college all year round.

8. That watch

Time is of the essence especially when you are in college. You should have a watch on your wrist as it not only makes you look sharp but sends a message that you value your time. And when it comes to a girl, she doesn’t find anything more elegant than a guy checking the time on a nice wristwatch.

9.The Bag

The modern man carrying a bag can go anywhere and do anything in a busy college life. It the latest fashion trend for men and gives a good solid look. Plus it saves from the awkward, messy impression of a guy who could hardly handle folders or notes in his hands.

10. Khakis

It is available in a variety of brands, styles and colors. You do not need one if you can wear jeans daily. But you cannot do it so you need one pair of khakis for sure. Plus it is an essential part of college wardrobe as it can be worn for informal or casual occasions or dressed up ones.