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Looking Good Takes Time & Effort; So Take The Time … And Get The Perfect Suit

The Perfect Suit – Fitting, Colour, Images, Guide, Style, Tips

Suits are unarguably the most versatile and commonly used wedding outfit all over the world. As time passed by their influence on Indian men also increased and now every formal function will have people wearing suits. Suit is the ultimate definition of class and it gives the gentleman look whenever you wear it. Whatever the occasion, whether it’s daily wear, to a sporadic client meeting or a once a year wedding, suits are designed to be smart; So you must be certain you get the proper suit look to give the right impression.

suits and bow tie

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They can be worn with in a variety of styles and different colour combinations. If worn correctly this can be the best style to sport in formal occasions.

Here is all you need to know about suits and how to style them.

Suit Colours

Colour combination is the one thing you should definitely pay attention when you go suit shopping. Nowadays we have wider options on the colour of the suit. The most worn colours are black, navy blue ,grey, white and even burgundy. But they have become too mainstream now! You can try a variety of colours like red, salmon, orange, etc. Choose the colours according to your complexion and according to the shades of shirts that you have. You can team them up with bright and loud coloured shirts. The suit and the trousers should be matching or at least of the similar shades.

Suit Patterns

Suits can be worn to work, dinner parties, events, wedding reception, and much more. So having a good understanding of what suit fabrics work best for what events and for what type of weather is key. Patterned suits are generally worn on casual occasions, while solid colours are worn mostly on formal days. The most fashionable and commonly used pattern is the checked or plaids.

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Suit Fittings

Fitting is the most important, don’t compromise here. If your budget allows, then go for a tailored or customized one. Choose designs and cuts according to your body shape. Some cuts and designs better highlight your features and conceal your flaws. The fit of your clothes can either make you feel like the man or feel totally insecure. A well-fitting suit has the ability to turn any man into a gentleman. The best suits are made after taking 25 different measurements in order to make sure it fits you perfectly. Off the rack suits are made for the general population and only fit a few people well.

suits and white shoes

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Footwear For Suits

What’s the use of wearing amazing suits if your footwear doesn’t go with it. Much importance should be given to your footwear when you plan to go out wearing suits. You can always wear the traditional formal shoes with suits. Black and brown are the favourite formals of men and can be paired with almost any of the suit colours. And if you are thinking that suits can be worn only with formals, then you are wrong! Yes, you heard that right; this outfit can be paired with casual shoes and sneakers as well. Try different colour variations to make the most of your suited look. White shoes can be paired with any coloured suits and it will surely give you the classy yet trendy look.

Accessories for Suits

Well we should you how you can be stylish by wearing suits, and now we will talk to you about how to elevate the look by adding some basic accessories. You can wear ties and bow ties to compliment your look and make it look classier. You can also wear lapel pins and pocket squares to add the extra oomph factor. Suspenders are also in fashion (no, I didn’t mean wear it on your coat!!) Wear it on your shirt and then wear your coat over it, so that just in case you take off your suit and decide to hold it your hand you still won’t be losing the sexiest-man-in-the-function   title. Formal watches will also add to the royalty of your look and you will have a good time (see what I did there?!) being the centre of attraction.

Thank you for patiently reading through the entire blog on how to wear suits and what to wear suits with. We hope you must have been enlightened about suit styles and fashion. You must be really excited about getting a chance to wear suits and stealing all the attention of the crowd.

Perfect Suit Guide For Men
Perfect Suit Guide For Men
Perfect Suit Guide For Men
Perfect Suit Guide For Men