Learn How To Style Patches The Right Way

Patch Styling Guide For Men

What Is Patch Outfit?

Patch is basically a piece of embroidered cloth which can be attached to the outfit using pins or sewing it. Patch outfit is thus an outcome of the use of patch on a fashion item. Men can easily flaunt this style with great confidence and attitude. It has a variety of styles including embroidered patches, printed patches, woven patches, and more to suit all your styles. And you can easily attach them to your clothes. Custom patches are the best items for fashion projects.


Here Are 11 Ways To Style Patches:

1. T-Shirt:

Patched T-shirt is the simplest way to incorporate this trend in your wardrobe effortlessly. Men can even create it using old t-shirt and paste patches on desired positions.

2. Military Jacket:

Military Jacket is a fashion piece where the patch looks really stunning and means the most. It is already a badass clothing item but with patch on it men look trendy.

3. Track Jacket:

This combination of patch and track jacket never goes wrong. All one has to do is add some funky patches to the jacket that are in contrasting colours.

4. Denim:

This is the most common way to style patch outfits and get the funky look effortlessly. Men can style patch denim with solid colour t-shirts, jackets or casual shirts. A denim jacket covered with patches has been back from the fashion grave. To make your jacket trendy, look for online stores to buy patches for denim jackets.

5. Leather/Bomber Jacket:

Leather/Bomber jacket with patches gives men instant rock star look. Pair it with ripped jeans and crew neck t-shirt and ready to go!

6. Sneakers:

Too add some interest to the footwear one of the best ideas is to add some amazing patches on the sneakers. This will definitely make men stand out in crowd.

7. Denim Jacket:

Dark denim jackets are ideal for patch outfit styling as they make you the centre of attraction. Style it with simple tee and a good pair of jeans.

8. Backpack:

Patch Backpack is the latest trend amongst the youngsters recently. Mostly it is styled by the college students to rock the campus in style.

9. Shirt:

Shirt with patch gives men modern as well as trendy look. But is very important to go for the right colour to create good colour contrasts.

10. Shorts:

This is one of the coolest casual styles for men as it is simple yet stylish at the same time. It can be paired up with simple t-shirts, hoodies or sweatshirt.

11. Hoodie:

Hoodie plays a great role in patch outfits as this fashion piece gives instant dapper look. It can be styled for any casual occasion.

DIY Patches Sewing Method:

Sewing and embroidery is generally not men’s cup of tea but many manage it well. Here is a guide for you to create your own DIY patch outfit easily with few simple hacks.

DIY Patches No Sewing Method:

1. Take an old pair of jeans.
2. Cut a small piece out of it from the bottom.
3. Draw the design you want with the help of the marker.
4. After the drawing is completed fill it with respective fabric colours needed.
5. Cut the patch with scissors at the outline of the drawing; make sure it doesn’t look messy.

6. After cutting it give it a finishing touch with the help of the marker and cover up any flaws.
7. Take the outfit you want to place the patch at.
8. Mark the point where you want it to be using a pen or marker.
9. Apply fabric glue on the patch and place it on the mark.
10. Press the patch and let it dry for few minutes and your patch outfit is ready.