Staying Fashion-Forward: Latest Men’s Joggers Trend

Discover the world of men’s joggers, from stylish twill to edgy hip-hop designs. Elevate your look with luxury brands like Gucci and Versace.

Imagine embarking on a fashion journey that seamlessly merges comfort and sophistication with men’s joggers. You’ve got plans for a casual hangout with friends, but you want to make a statement with your outfit. Don’t fret! In this blog, we’ll delve into the diverse world of men’s joggers – from stylish twill joggers to edgy hip-hop styles. Learn how to elevate your look by pairing men’s joggers with hoodies or t-shirts, and explore luxury brands like Gucci and Versace that redefine casual elegance. Join us as we unravel the secrets to effortlessly looking your best in any situation, without sacrificing comfort or style with men’s joggers.

1. Twill Joggers –

Twill joggers are the most stylish and comfortable piece of material. The piece bears durability and offers a relaxed fit. The joggers have elasticized waistbands which gives a modern and versatile look. It’s available in various colors with cotton fabric. Wear it anytime around the year on different occasions. It makes it a must-have clothing item in your wardrobe.

beige twill men's jogger and blue tshirt

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2. Tapered Jogger

Tapered joggers are one of the modern and stylish wear for men. It provides comfort with the contemporary look. It features a relaxed fit from the hips that gradually tapers down to a narrower ankle. A customised secure fit given to the waist by elastic and drawstring. Soft and breathable materials give day long comfort and becomes a staple for a fashion-forward man. Yoga, gym, running or daily workouts can also be done with the tapered joggers. However, it can be worn anywhere and at any occasion.

3. Non-Cuffed Jogger

Non-cuffed joggers are the most comfortable alternative to traditional jogger pants. The pants do not have those cuffs on the ankles, hence it gives a sleek and streamlined appearance. Its softness and breathable fabric makes it the most comfortable piece for the entire day. Elasticized waistband with a drawstring makes it even more flexible to wear. With these joggers, you can attend various casual occasions and activities. After all, what’s more better than a piece which combines style and comfort!

4. Tie Dye Jogger

Tie dye joggers looks vibrant and an has an eye-catchy variant when you walk down the streets. Uplift your style and fashionable look with a tie-dye jogger, before any other clothing does. A variety of color combinations and swirling designs creates a bold fashion statement. By using the dyeing technique, a one-of-a-kind appearance is made by the material. The material is nothing different than the normal joggers except the unique colors. Cotton and polyester is the main material used on the jogger. The trend was so common that people had actually started making their own tie dye outfits at there home. It has the tendency to replace your jeans because of the relaxed fit.

5. Chino Jogger

If you are looking for a cheaper option, chino joggers are the one that anyone can afford. With its affordability, it’s also a comfortable and soft piece to wear. The hybrid style of pants combine the classic elegance of chinos with the relaxed and comfortable fit of joggers. The fabric comprises a typical chino fabric of cotton which gives a refined look and functionality with pockets.

6. Hip Hop Jogger

Hip-hop joggers are a trendy and urban – inspired fashion style from the hip hop and streetwear culture. It is baggy around the hips and tapered at the bottom with the fabric of cotton or fleece, allowing easy movement. This makes it a highly demanded jogger pants, because of the amazing look and fit giving the hip-hop fashion vibe. Perfect for casual wear or street style outfits. The maintenance is also very easy and can be washed on the washing machine.

7. Denim joggers

Denim joggers for men are a stylish and comfortable take on classic denim jeans, incorporating the relaxed fit and elasticized waistband of jogger pants. These pants are crafted from denim fabric, known for its durability and versatility. Denim joggers often feature a blend of cotton and elastane or other stretchy materials, offering ease of movement.

8. Cargo Jogger

Cargo joggers for men are a practical and stylish fusion of cargo pants and joggers, offering a versatile and functional wardrobe option. These pants feature the characteristic cargo pockets commonly found in cargo pants, providing ample storage space for various belongings. Cargo joggers are typically made from durable and breathable materials, making them suitable for various outdoor activities and casual wear. They come with an elasticized waistband and often have a drawstring for a comfortable and adjustable fit. With a slightly relaxed fit and tapered legs, cargo joggers offer a modern and contemporary look, making them a popular choice for men seeking a blend of fashion and utility.

What can be paired with joggers to make an outfit ?

Hoodie with joggers

The combination of a hoodie with joggers creates a comfortable and stylish outfit for men. A hoodie is a casual and cozy top with a drawstring hood, while joggers are relaxed pants with an elasticized waistband and tapered legs. When paired together, they form a laid-back and urban-inspired look that is perfect for various occasions, from lounging at home to running errands or hanging out with friends. This ensemble offers a mix of comfort and fashion, with the hoodie providing warmth and the joggers offering ease of movement. Complete the outfit with sneakers for a relaxed vibe or dress shoes for a trendy and modern twist.

Joggers with tshirt

Joggers paired with a t-shirt create a classic and effortlessly stylish outfit for men. The t-shirt, a casual and versatile top, complements the relaxed fit and comfort of the joggers. The joggers, featuring an elasticized waistband and tapered legs, provide ease of movement, while the t-shirt offers a laid-back and comfortable look. This combination is perfect for various casual occasions, from running errands to hanging out with friends. Complete the outfit with sneakers or sandals for a relaxed and cool vibe, making it an ideal choice for everyday wear.

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Luxury brands of joggers

Gucci joggers

Gucci joggers for men offer a blend of luxury and style. Made from premium materials, they feature iconic Gucci branding, unique details, and a comfortable fit. With distinctive design elements and a range of color options, these joggers are versatile and can be dressed up or down. While they come with a higher price tag, their impeccable craftsmanship and fashionable appeal make them a premium choice for those seeking a statement piece in their wardrobe.


Versace joggers for men epitomize luxury and high-fashion style. Crafted with attention to detail, they feature premium fabrics, impeccable tailoring, and the iconic Versace logo and motifs. These joggers often boast bold and vibrant patterns, making them a statement piece in any outfit. With a comfortable and contemporary fit, Versace joggers offer a fusion of comfort and sophistication. Whether worn casually or for a fashion-forward look, they exude the brand’s signature opulence. While they are at a higher price point, Versace joggers are a sought-after choice for those who appreciate premium Italian craftsmanship and distinct design.

Men’s joggers have emerged as a fashion essential, blending style and comfort seamlessly. From trendy twill joggers to modern tapered designs, these versatile pants cater to various preferences and occasions. Whether you opt for luxury brands like Gucci or Versace or more affordable options like chino joggers, there is a perfect pair of men’s joggers for every man. Embrace the relaxed fit and urban appeal of joggers, and elevate your style with this must-have wardrobe staple for a fashionable and comfortable look that never goes out of style.