A Guide To Building A Skater Wardrobe

Out of thousands of defined fashion styles, the skater style stands out for its exclusive subculture. Skating became a trend sometime in the ‘40s and ‘50s, but it never lost traction. For a while, skaters did not particularly care about how they looked. Everything was about their love for skateboards and learning tricks for self-progression. Socialization was exclusive, and it was difficult for outsiders to break into the crowd.

However, the past two decades sparked a change in the skating community. Brands started designing clothing specifically for skatewear, and their commercial availability meant that “outsiders” were more than welcome to take inspiration in the garments. Dickies Clothing, beanies, and Off The Wall shoes became staples in teens’ wardrobes. As a result, the contemporary, fashion-forward skating scene was born. Now, comfortable and distinctly practical pieces coupled with chic accessories and flair of youth defines the skate style.

If you wish to get a glimpse of the fashionable elements of this subculture to build a skater wardrobe, then you cannot miss out on these essentials.

Double Layer Tops

T-shirts that display brand logos are a must, but you will freeze in the cold when you wear shirts on their own. Layer a tight-fitting turtleneck underneath for a dose of warmth. But if you hate the feeling of turtlenecks, a similarly tight-fitting, long-sleeved crew neck will do the trick. The combination of the two is a staple for any skater wardrobe. For one, although T-shirts are comfortable, they do little to shield your skin from cuts, scrapes, and bruises. The underlayer will ensure that you are warm and protected.

If you want to add a girly twist, find a mesh long-sleeved shirt instead of cotton. Additionally, oversized shirts will make you look like a blob, so always tuck them in or tie them into a front or back knot.

Oversized Hoodies

Skatewear is almost synonymous to streetwear as certain clothing pieces never miss a collection. Nobody can deny how comfortable hoodies are, and if you pick one a couple of sizes larger, then you have an everyday staple that is completely skate-friendly. Hoodies give you a relaxed silhouette that screams chill and fashionably unrefined — a trend that designers have been capitalizing over as of late. For a more minimalistic look, opt for a crewneck sweater instead. It looks a lot more polished but is just as practical as a hoodie.


Your skate ensemble is incomplete without the right accessories. A black leather belt is a classic, but you want one from brands like Dickies Clothing to keep up with the trend. A beanie or a cap is also a no-brainer. Skaters spend hours skateboarding around the sun, so some form of headgear is a practical necessity. That, and they are fun accessories that complete your look.

Every subculture has an attachment to particular brands, and choosing pieces from those that fall within the skater category will help you build a more authentic wardrobe. High street shops and streetwear brands have been taking on skater elements, but nothing beats clothing explicitly made for doing tricks with a skateboard. From curbside explorers who only cared about comfort to models who represent skaters on the catwalk, the world of fashion has opened its hearts to skaters. And the more you lean toward the skater style, the more you will fall in love with its contemporary identity.