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5 Methods To Roll Up Shirt Sleeves The Right Way

I love wearing long sleeves and three quarter sleeves. I favor them over the short sleeves, cap sleeves or sleeveless options. But I also like rolling up my sleeves, not all the way and more than most times subconsciously. So rather than being shabby about it, I thought to look up the different ways to roll up my sleeves and up my cool quotient.

What  came across was rather interesting and worth sharing, so read on.

First did you know that there are a number of reasons for people, men in particular to roll up their sleeves, it could be before getting in to a physical altercation or to relax a bit, for something informal or to avoid damage or stains on the sleeves while working or eating. But off late, it has become more of a fashion trend than a need.

So what are these methods?

  1. The first way is zero skill and time consuming. You roll the sleeves based on your gut feeling, not measurements, making sure both hands are similar. You start rolling the sleeve and continue till you reach the desired height. Avoid this one, looks shabby and can leave marks on your arms too

2. The second method is fairly simple and basic and involves one fold similar to the width of your cuff and a second following fold of similar width. Makes your arms look proportional

3. The third way is perfect for men who like displaying their biceps. In this method you fold the sleeves into half and then in two rolls cover the inside out portion of the sleeves

4. In the fourth method you need precision. Roll the sleeves till they are two widths of the cuffs and then smoothen the fabric, roll once over but keep a little part of the cuff exposed so as to give a nice contrasting look to your sleeves

5. The fifth and last method is rolling the sleeves with the help of a garter belt. I was not even aware of this one. Apparently the belt is secured to the upper part of your shirt sleeve like a band and the sleeve is rolled over it. The contraption keeps the roll secured

Try out the different ways to roll your shit and let us know which one you like the most.



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