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Few Rules Men Must Follow For Buttoning Their Suit The Right Way

Rules For Buttoning Your Suit

I know it seems rather naïve to be talking about rules to button your DB blazer or jacket. I mean it’s not rocket science. But getting it right has way too many advantages to be ignored.

  • It shows that you are the kind of man who takes pride in his look and likes to get even the minor details right
  • It makes the suit look more suave on your frame
  • It never lets you get in that awkward and embarrassing situation where your buttons snapped in public
  • All the designers follow this rule like the word of God and design their suits, jackets and blazers keeping it in mind.

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Now for the rules. There are two major ones. One for the Single Breasted (SB) Suits and one for the Double Breasted (DB) Suits.

1. For the Single Breasted Suit

  • With one button: Always button it when standing, unbutton while taking a sit and button it back up when you stand
  • With two buttons: Always button the top button when standing, unbutton while taking a sit and button it up when you stand. Never button up the lower button
  • With three buttons: Buttoning up the top button is optional, the middle button is absolutely necessary and the lower button should never be buttoned. Unbutton when taking a seat to avoid wrinkles.

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2. For the Double Breasted Suit:

DB’s are generally named using the number on number structure keeping in mind the specifications of the DB blazer or jacket. This helps simplify things. A 4 on 2 means that there are four buttons in all out of which two are functional.

  • The rule is to always button the functional buttons up when standing.

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Hope this simplifies things for you about the button etiquette when it comes to buttoning a suit.


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