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The Hottest Ripped Jeans for Men to Impress Your Date


Did you know that according to psychological studies it only takes milliseconds for someone to form a lasting, first impression of you? The dating scene can be intimidating for anyone, especially if you’re trying to make an awesome first impression. Since you’re literally working with seconds to get someone attracted to you, the right outfit choice can make all the difference in getting laid or getting ghosted. So, where to start? Trendy ripped jeans are a popular go-to item for casual date nights because they hit all the marks across style, comfort and versatility. We’ve compiled some of the hottest styles of ripped jeans for men that’ll make your next date looking forward to that second, third and even tenth date.

1. Side-Stripe Ripped Jeans

It doesn’t get more on-trend than mens ripped jeans with side stripes right now. Your date might see you as an easygoing guy that appreciates men’s trendy clothing without trying too hard. Side stripes not only add that urban streetwear vibe, but also create a lengthening effect, especially great for shorter guys.

How to wear the side-stripe trend: You can try wearing ripped jeans for men with a stylish t-shirt in a shade that complements the stripes.

2. Drop-Crotch Ripped Jeans

If you’re a guy with big, muscular thighs, you might want to consider mens ripped jeans with an extreme drop crotch. This roomy denim style is more of a statement piece usually only found on more stylish menswear stores like Differio. If you’re meeting your date at a crowded event, drop-crotch distressed jeans are a cool-yet-subtle way to make your outfit stand out and get noticed. With all the focus on you, there’s no need to worry about someone else catching your date’s eye!

How to wear the drop-crotch trend: Since the drop crotch is a statement fit, you’ll want to keep the rest of your outfit simple to maintain overall balance.

3. Embroidered Ripped Jeans

If you’re going for extra embellishment, why not try mens destroyed jeans with embroidery? From delicate roses to logo slogans, every mens fashion blog and social-media influencer can’t stop buzzing about the embroidered denim trend. For a sexy date-night look, you can try distressed mens jeans with embroidery placed around the back legs to draw more attention to your rear.

How to wear the embroidered trend: Embroidered jeans have an extra edge that’s a perfect match for street-inspired clothing, like bomber jackets and high tops.

4. Ripped Denim Overalls

You might feel a little intimidated to show up in men’s overalls on the first date, but the fact that you’re taking a style risk is an attractive quality in itself. Whether you’re wearing an all-denim jumpsuit or classic ripped overalls, this clothing item definitely calls for confidence. If you don’t have confidence while wearing these denim pieces, it’ll only lead to an awkward first impression.

How to wear the overall trend: If you’re going for the traditional ripped denim overalls, you should go for a skinny or slim-fit leg to avoid looking childish.

5. Biker Ripped Jeans

There’s just something about moto-biker ripped jeans for men that comes off effortlessly sexy with that bad-boy feel. If you’re not familiar with moto jeans, you can usually find these denim styles with quilted panels, stitched knees and zippered accents. If your date is someone that’s turned on by bearded guys with tattoos, you just might get extra pointers for showing up in a pair of dark biker jeans.

How to wear the biker trend: You can complete your next pair of mens distressed jeans with a leather jacket, aviators and combat boots for the full moto effect.