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8 out of 10 People Say Ranveer Singh is the Ultimate Bollywood Fashionista!

9 Times Ranveer Singh Has Proved He Is The Ultimate Bollywood Fashionista!

From casuals to formals, Ranveer has tried it ALL! It is perfect to say that currently Ranveer Singh is one of the most stylish actors in Bollywood. shows some of his best looks and also some unforgettable ones!

Know Why 8 out of 10 People Regard Ranveer Singh as the Ultimate Bollywood Fashionista!

1. The classic grey suit :

Ranveer begins with the simple, decent grey tux at the awards .

Source – mid-day

2. Plain tuxedos with a simple shirt-simply superb:

Even with these simple clothes, his personality changes altogether. Definitely, he knows exactly how to treat his clothes well (like he knows how to treat Deepika well !)

But as his career progressed his style also evolved and the actor began to experiment with colours and textures.

3. The Colourful denim look:

He can try almost all the colours and textures in the world and walk with so much awe that one can’t find a single flaw! Also, don’t miss out the gold chain !

Source – GQ

4. The Moustache magic :

The outfits are fab, no doubt , but his looks make us go all head over heels all the more . The moustache changes the look of his outfit altogether. The hat is another complete turnover !

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5. ‘Cause Floral’s in fashion:

Whoever said only ladies could wear Florals? Here’s Ranveer looking a complete gentleman in his floral suit! And those glasses!

6. Printed Paisley:

He won’t leave anything untried. Check out his wolf print! ( howls with awe!)

Source –

7. It’s Game time girl:

Who doesn’t love Super Mario Bros. video game. Ranveer Singh takes it to another level with the outfit and the moustache of course! (Hats off for this one )

Source – GQ

8. Pink is the new Black ! ( this one’s my personal favorite) :

Ranveer sporting the baby pink with prints gets us all warmed up .

Source – GQ

9. Well this one’s Amazing! Totally amazing!

Who’d imagine sporting a skirt? Well, Ranveer nailed this too! And undoubtedly, not many men can carry a skirt with that attitude. Gender-bending done perfect!

Source – GQ

So those were my favorite ones. But as a matter of fact, all Ranveer’s outfits are completely out of the box. He is not someone who follows the crowd and I guess that’s what got him the Best Actor award! Be it extravagant or classic or spectacular, Ranveer never goes unnoticed !

We hope you get motivated to try out new outfits too (just remember to carry your confidence )! Goodluck to all other Rambos out there!

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