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Look Steaming At The Pool Party

Pool parties are exciting, but wait, don’t run for it looking like a desperate dog. Dressing up for a pool party can be daunting and you need outfits and accessories to complement that body you worked so hard on. First thing, smell good. Have a shower; apply good smelling moisturiser or sunscreen. (Remember, just because it’s a pool, doesn’t mean you go without a bath). Next, wear swim wear that DOESN’T look like swim wear. Wear a trendy pair of shorts of a bright colour. No cheap ones please. Wear a comfortable fitted t-shirt or revealing shirt that complements your body and makes others wish to see you without it. Ooh la la.

Wear a sporty waterproof watch and a nice cap and aviators (preferably shaded). For the footwear, wear espadrilles or sandals that complete your look. Make sure to carry a bag with you, with that you can carry a lot of needful stuff. It might not seem useful while getting ready, but believe me, a bag always helps. Carry a thick and clean towel and not the usual crap that you use daily. Once again, make sure you use a sunscreen.

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So you are ready to go splash the pool. Vegas anyone?