7 Outfit Layering Essentials Men Should Have In Their Wardrobe

Outfit Layering Ideas For Men- Jacket, Hoodie, Coat, Scarves, Etc


What is outfit layering? Well, it is basically number of outfit piece one wears while styling. Whether you notice it or not, many men often go for layering on casual level. When men wear pant and shirt it’s the first layer, jacket and hoodie is the second layer and scarves and coat the third one. Although tailored outfit layering requires conscious consideration. This blog is a complete guide on how men should try out variety of outfit layering styles.

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Essentials Men Need To Ace Outfit Layering

1. Jacket:

Jacket is one of the best for outfit layering. All men have to do is grab a pair of denim, solid colour t-shirt and layer it with leather or denim jacket for casual look. For Formal look try out a pair of trousers, shirt and a blazer.

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2. Hoodie:

Hoodie can be styled in variety of ways with ripped jeans, joggers or sweatpants. Crew neck t-shirt under the hoodie will surely enhance the look. For dapper look go for a t shirt that is longer than the hoodie. For street style look denim jacket over the hoodie will do wonders.

3. Coat:

When there is cold styling coat becomes very necessary thus it’s important to do it right. Beige colour coat is in trend recently and goes really well with all bottom wear. Chino, henley t shirt, coat looks stunning. Scarf on it adds up to the look.

4. Vest:

Vest is a versatile garment which can be styled in casual as well as formal style. For casual look take a denim or chino, go for a solid colour t-shirt or shirt and layer it with printed or checked vest. Make sure to go for contrast patterns. For formal look trouser, dress shirt and a vest will make the outfit layering perfect.

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5. Cardigan:

Cardigan is available in variety of styles and patterns which gives number of outfit layering options. Denim or trouser with casual shirt and a cardigan over it is one of the most styled layering by men.

6. Scarves:

Scarves will instantly light up any look whether formal or casual with great ease. Formal look can be maintained by layering a scarf over a pair of chino or trouser, shirt and blazer or suit jacket. For casual look denim, casual shirt, leather or denim jacket with scarf will work great.

7. Sweater:

There are various ways to style sweater to stand out in crowd. Casual shirt, denim with a solid or printed sweater looks amazing. Men can also layer a sweater with over coat or jackets.

Style Tips To Excel Outfit Layering With Ease

1. First thing men should always consider is outfit colour combinations as it is the key in enhancing the look.
2. Outfit layering works great with solids and patterns.
3. While styling patterned outfit make sure to go for two or three patterns,
4. Make sure tailored outfit layering have shared colours.
5. Monochrome layering is the classic one and looks elegant and stylish.

6. Three visible layers is a good choice to avoid over doing it.
7. Whether you notice it or not, many men often go for layering on casual level.
8. Outfit layering works really well with mix match outfit fabrics.
9. Try to go for thin to thick layering to maintain the look.
10. Refer any magazine or celebrity styling to get it done correctly.

11. White is outfit of the most playful one as can be layered easily with any garment listed above.
12. Men’s accessories can also work as layering – for example- pocket square, ascot, hats, neckties, etc.
13. Make sure to tuck in the under layers while styling it for formal occasion.
14. Each layer should stand on its own.
15. Don’t style too many colours while outfit layering as it will break your look instantly.