Perfect Outfits For A Movie Night

If you are one of those men who loves movie marathon nights and binge watching weekends, then this article is my dedication to you.

If, you like me ,are one of those people who loves to binge watch their favorite movies and shows with their closest friends and really looks forward to the movie marathon nights and binge watching weekends, then this article is my dedication to you.

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I am a 90’s child. I have grown up watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Full House, Different Strokes, My Wife & Kids, That 70’s Show and other such wonderful shows. Its no different now then it was back then. A good show still gets me excited like a child on Christmas. Be it Narcos, Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad, Game Of Thrones, Walking Dead or Sherlock, And then I get this craving to watch it again and again. Same goes for movies. Sometimes you just need to laze around all day and watch some great movies, full of action and thrill and of course horror or lighten your mood with a good comedy. Whether its Star Wars or Star Trek or Indiana Jones or Rosemary’s Baby or Conjuring.

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It is also something I like to do during the holidays with my friends and family. It is a great way to spend the holidays. Plus there’s awesome food, pop corn, chips and all kinds of junk. But its allowed. Nobody watches their weight cause its usually the holidays when all is forgiven or the weekend, which of course could easily be your cheat day.

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So what to wear so that you are all comfy and cozy.

You go for some great lounge wear. Invest in a great pair of joggers. They are stylish and comfortable. Pair them up with a basic tee. It could be solid or stripped. This look is equal parts cozy and cool. Concentrate on the fabrics  and textures more. Pick something softer. You can also try some sweatpants and a jersey. But I highly recommend the joggers. If you are watching a superhero show, a graphic tee like a superhero tee will add an extra something to your look.


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