How Motorcycle Gear Is Inspiring Fashion

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Just about everyone who has ridden a motorcycle more than a mile knows that there are two kinds of riding clothes: those you wear while on the bike, and those you wear to the party afterwards. Riding gear is designed to look good and to do the job of keeping you warm, safe and dry on the bike. Casual motorcycle clothing should look good, make a statement and keep you comfortable. It’s a category of fashion unto itself and has the ability to spill over into the fashion world and influence trends.

While you are shopping for the latest motorcycle aftermarket parts, it’s good idea to check out the latest clothing offerings. You may just find the perfect addition to wear on the bike or while hanging out with friends and family.

How To Find the Best Motorcycle Clothing

Whether you are looking for casual shirts and shorts, hats and beanies, jackets or footwear, the right clothes can make you feel like a million bucks. There are also fun and functional items such as sunglasses, pajamas, sweatshirts and casual jackets and footwear. Here are a few hot items to check out:

  • Maxx Foam padded sunglasses that are easy on the wallet and offer UV protection
  • The Fox HRC long sleeve tee that comes with a premium fit and water-based artwork
  • Smooth Industries romper for the little one with “Smell my Exhaust” on the front
  • The Sidi Gossip sneaker for the times you are chilling off the bike and involved in your ordinary life
  • The Factory Effex Kawasaki tech soft-shell jacket that features waterproof zippers and a media pocket
  • A woman’s track zip-up hoodie by Fly Racing that comes with an adjustable hood   

Looking good, feeling comfortable and declaring your love for the biker lifestyle is what casual clothing is all about. You can even find handbags and wallets that carry your riches and impart a dose of biker vibe at the same time.

What To Look for in T-shirts

Motocross t-shirts come in short sleeve, long sleeve and a variety of colors that will appeal to all bikers, whether male or female or young or old. If there is a universal piece of clothing it just may be the comfortable and ever-popular tee. These shirts are all about fun and comfort. They allow you to wear the logo of your favorite motorcycle brand, whether it is Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, BMW or Harley Davidson.

They give you the chance to show some attitude with attention-grabbing graphics that celebrate the biker in you. You can choose a simple, classic design that makes you look cool under pressure and bursting with good sense. Or you can pick a wild graphic that features a skull in a funky helmet from Street Lethal. The choice is yours, with hundreds of biker tees in every color and style imaginable.

How To Buy

Shop online and get the best riding gear and casual clothing available, as well as motorcycle aftermarket parts. Start a movement with your own style and influence the fashion world. Inspire others with your best look.