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11 Rules To Follow To Wear Waistcoat The Right Way

Simple rules and tips to make sure the waistcoat look is a success!

Waistcoats are trending this season whether it’s the classic waistcoat, the double breasted waistcoat or the ethnic waistcoat.Waistcoats are a definite crowd pleaser and a great way to try something new and experiment with your style without compromising or investing much due to its versatile nature.

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But one has to exercise moderation when styling the waistcoat or even a failsafe style like this can go terribly wrong ad create an irrevocable fashion faux pas on your part.

So here is a list of some basic rules and some great tips to keep in mind when donning the waistcoat.

  • Waistcoats are a statement piece. They are bold and they stand out. You do not need to go overboard for people to notice it.
  • Pick simple pattern and uncomplicated colors. Remember to color coordinate. When in doubt go for solid and traditional hues and designs.
  • Make sure your waistcoat fits the present you well. Do not buy a waistcoat for when you will lose weight after going to the new gym you have joined or after your new diet works or keeping in mind the extra holiday season weight you may gain post Thanksgiving, Diwali, Christmas or any other festival.
  • Do not count your chickens before they hatch. Buy a waistcoat to fit your frame. It should be comfortable, meaning you should be able to breathe and move your arms without ripping the fabric or breaking the buttons.
  • Lose clothes make you look bigger than you are. So make sure the torso area is not too big.
  • There is an adjustable cinch at the back to make sure the fit is correct. Do not overlook the minor details.
  • I can’t stress on this enough. Do not under any circumstances wear a double breasted waistcoat with a double breasted suit, or jacket or blazer. Beats the purpose and looks disorienting and to put it plainly, extremely stupid.
  • Different fabrics like silk, tweed, leather, cotton, blended, wool and so on, give different looks. Try out all of them before zeroing in on one. This tip is for first timers.
  • A vintage design is not old or inferior to a modern design, it is precisely that ‘Vintage’. Neither is a modern design inferior. The choice should depend on your personal taste and the occasion.
  • You are never to sport a waistcoat and a belt together. Period. They are like the Montague’s and Capulet’s, not to be seen in the company of each other, especially in the public.
  • Leave the last or the bottom button of a single breasted waistcoat undone.

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