How to Style the Classic Tweed? Men’s Style Guide on Tweed

Find out the Best Ways to Style the Classic Tweed Outfit

What is Tweed?

Years ago, a London merchant received a letter from the Hawick firm. He then misread the Scottish word “Tweel” as “Tweed”and this,one misinterpretation of word led to the origin of Tweed.

So, Tweed is a thick, soft and flexible woolen fabric and has an unfinished surface. It is generally dyed in two colors. The sturdy, hard-wearing, warm, water –resistant and durable quality makes the tweed fabric, a perfect outerwear for fall and winter.

Usually, looked upon as an old-fashioned and conservative style. You cannot deny that Tweed is also practical, smart and stylish. It is a symbol of royalty and aristocracy. And when it is the Fall/Autumn or winter season, the time for layering, tweed is just the right choice. A Tweed Jacket, tweed blazer, tweed trouser or a tweed coat, you have a plethora of options to choose from.

How to style Tweed?

A Tweed Jacket paired up with a roll neck and jeans for the casual look.Or with a shirt and chinos. A patterned Tweed Blazer with a plain waistcoat (not necessarily of the same material) and trousers for the almost formal look.

Tweed Jacket Outfit

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A Tweed Suit – a light colored plain shirt, a flannel tweed waistcoat, a flannel tweed blazer and a tweed trouser for the not so formal and not so casual look.

Wear Brogues or Loafers below. And maybe add a Hat on top to complete the look. Give your tweeds a modern look, pair them up with jeans, wear black sunglasses or add a pocket square and a tie to it. Experiment with a few colors. The tweed grey suit, tweed blue suit, tweed navy suit are the classic one’s, you could try red, yellow, maroon or pink for a more modern look.

Look stylish this Winter Season and give the tweeds a chance to make you stand out from the crowd.

Here are a few ways for you to style the Classic Tweeds..

We hope we’ve convinced you enough to try on these Classics this Fall/Winter season. Look Royal, Stay Stylish and Raise the temperature with the Tweeds.