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Meet DB: The Double Breasted Suit

An introduction to the Double Breasted Suit aka DB

Meet DB - The Double Breasted Suit

The Double Breasted Suit, dubbed DB has nautical and sporting origins in the reefer jacket and the pea cot. A double breasted suit has overlapping flaps secured with two parallel columns of buttons. The buttons range upwards from a set of 4 to as high as 8. Mostly only one or at the most two sets of buttons are functional, the rest are purely an embellishment for decorative purposes.

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Usually the double breasted suits are referred to as 4 on 2 or 6 on 3. Do not get confused, this is merely a number on number structure that designers have been using to describe the construction of the double breasted suit. The first number represents the total number of buttons on the suit whereas the second number symbolizes the number of functional buttons. Thus when you hear a designer or salesman refer to a DB as 4 on 2, it means it is a DB suit with four buttons out of which 2 are functional meaning two buttons are secured.

The fastening is strengthened by the inner button also called the anchor button. Most DB’s are designed with peaked lapels which overlap like any regular jacket i.e. left over right.

These are pretty much the basics of a Double Breasted suit. For an advanced class on the DB, stay tuned!

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