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10 Outfit Ideas For Layering Your T-Shirt | The Smarter You Layer, The Smarter You’ll Look

10 Innovative Ways of Layering Your T-Shirt

Layering is a great way to combine your favourate pieces and wear something comfortable and flexible while showcasing your sense of style. The smarter you layer, the smarter you’ll look. But why layer? Layering your t-shirt is a smart option for both, practicality as well as style. The more layers you add reduces the cold and increases your style quotient.

Guide to layering your outfit:

  • Layer the thin clothes first to stay comfortable and avoid an unbalanced look. You can wear a cotton tee shirt or turtleneck and then layer it with heavier items such as wool sweater, a corduroy blazer, a cardigan, or a leather jacket.
  • Keep the colours and patterns in mind and make sure they don’t compete each other
  • Also keep the occasion in mind or the place where you are going.
  • Be as casual as you can and make sure you are comfortable with the layers
  • Remember that layering can be done all year round, just changing the type of material.

Theunstitchd gives you 10 innovative layering looks. Check them out. You can wear a trendy tee shirt inside and layer with a jacket, over coat, long coat; you can also use man shrugs for more style, bomber jackets or simple but sexy black blazers over a black t-shirt. Layers simply add a gentlemanly vibe to your attire and personality. Let us know your favourite look and if you have a different look of your own. Good luck! Choose an eye-catching layer this season!


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