5 Stunning Korean Styles Men Need To Steal

Korean Style For Men- Street Style, Preppy Style, Rockstar Style, Etc

Change in season is the right time to change the celebrity style with some fresh and trendy styles. Especially those men who are looking for some change in their look here is a perfect one- Korean Style! Social media is buzzing with fashionable Korean men’s style. We can’t deny the fact that Korean men have amazing fashion sense. Men in Korean are always updated with latest fashion trends and flaunt it with no extra efforts. As a fashion blogger I would definitely suggest men to opt for Korean style. Here in this blog I will guide you through some inspirations and tips to copy Korean style with ease.

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Here Are Few Korean Styles Men Should Try Out:

1. Korean Street Style:

Korean street style differs from mainstream fashion with different perspective of trend and style. They have most stylish outerwear in their closets and have the ability to style it with great ease.

Korean street style

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2. Korean Preppy Style:

Korean preppy style is the most fresh and trendy one. If styled correctly it may seem very expensive to get the look but with proper outfit styling it can be attained easily. This style is mainly opt guys in teenage or below the age of 30.

3. Korean Rockstar Style:

Korean rockstar style is very sharp and edgy which can be style with great ease. How to pull off the look completely depends on the wearer but the most important aspect of this style is attitude and confidence.

4. Korean Formal Style:

Korean formal style is very sophisticated and stylish at the same time. Men can go for this Korean style with ease as the look can be copied easily. All one has to do is go for perfect outfit layering.

Korean Formal style

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5. Korean Casual Style:

Korean casual style is the best combination of comfort and style. It is one of the most popular one across countries. Korean men go for simple casual style with no over accessorizing or extra layering.

Here Are Few Korean Style Inspirations For Men:

1. Casual T-shirt + Cardigan + Chinos + Sneakers:

2. Coat + Chino + Scarf + Boots + Caps:

3. Crew Neck T-shirt + Denim Shirt + Trouser + Shoes:

4. Graphic T-shirt + Sweater + Denim Shorts + Shoes:

5. Solid Colour T-shirt + Blazer + Denim + Dress Shoes: