How Can You Look Dapper

4 Styling Tips For Men To Look Dapper

Want to look spruce, neat and tidy? Do you imagine yourself looking as cool as the men fashion bloggers you see on the internet? Or do you envy the style maestros for looking dapper, don’t you?

As we always say it’s not about the brands or how expensive your clothes are. Limited editions are good; they make you want it so bad that you end up looking stupid with a copy that tries to look like the expensive design with a loose stitch and clumsy fit. But you didn’t want to look clumsy, you wanted to look dapper!

When we say Dapper, what do you think of? Your favorite fashion men/styles/brands ?

Here’s what you’ll end up with the definition of dapper at the end of this blog.

1. Be yourself

By this, we mean being true to yourself. When it comes to dressing up, you must be true to yourself. Life is too short to be someone else. You can look dapper and ace any style by wearing it with your style. It will only upgrade you, your style and your confidence.

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2. Less is more

The fewer things on your body, the more clean and neat you appear. Not only you look sorted, you feel easy. Looking dapper isn’t hoarding yourself with all the clothes you got that’d make you look cool. You’re not a walking wardrobe. Remember, less is more!

3. Well groomed

Wearing clothes isn’t all about looking dapper though. Groom yourself well.  No, before you think we’ve started a school to train your mind, we interrupt! It’s necessary to think good, behave better and appear to be well-groomed to look stylish and to look dapper.

4. White pants/white shirts/both

We decided to not confuse you with options this time. Ergo, we chose white for you! Black might be your favorite and blue might be you girlfriend’s. But white is going to make you look dapper.


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