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Sport Sexy Gym Outfits That Complement Your Body

It just takes a little effort and time to review your gym attire and avoid looking like a glorified street beggar. So why not? When it comes to learning about how to dress for the gym, functionality should be your top priority. Style should be a close second, because what is the point in getting a good body if you don’t have a good fashion quotient, also you could probably win a hook up or two (just kidding, but it’s important to maintain your public reputation).

The most important quality in gym outfits should be breathability. Let’s first see the outfits that you should NOT wear.

  • No cleavage showing tank tops. In case the angle moves or wind blows, the nipples aren’t a very nice sight to look at. Thank you very much.
  • Don’t use the same outfits for consecutive days, for obvious reasons.
  • No tight leggings or trousers that clinch the parts while exercising and reveal more than necessary. Eww.
  • Don’t overdo the colours, preferably wear simple colours.
  • Please don’t wear your swim wear to the gym.

Sneakers and loafers at the gym will make you stand out but NOT the good way. Avoid. Period.

Theunstitchd tells you what to wear:

Wear a loose but not too loose tank top or normal t-shirt. You can wear a t-shirt over a body suit or sweatshirt. Comfortable Shorts (not too short) are good enough. Wear a simple basic sneaker or trainer or sport shoe with simple white or grey socks.


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