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Men of all age require the casual look in their wardrobe. When they are younger it generally comprises of 80-90% of their closet and as they get older it comprises about 30-40%. A casual outfit is a mélange of style and comfort. It is something you can put on without a fuss. There are never any issues or doubts in your mind if you will be comfortable or not, because casuals make you look and feel extremely relaxed.

But there are still some men who find it confusing to pair t-shirts and shirts with denims. Denims come in a lot of shades and cuts these days. There’s light blue, dark blue, mid rise,grey, charcoal, acid washed, high rise, bootcut, distressed, black, skinny, regular, boyfriend, white, and many more colors and designs. Mostly your basic tees work with any of these combinations but there are some colors and cuts that are just better suited for each other.

For example, let us examine the dark blue denims. For the purpose of our study let us keep them simple in a regular fit. Now on such a rich dark shade pastels really stand out, apart from these earth tones like tan, yellow, orange, green look great too. If we take the light sky blue shade instead of the dark blue shade, darker shades of t-shirts will co-ordinate better like red, black, dark blue, Prussian, and so on.

Thus to make this simple we have collaborated with Jabong, the online shopping app and come up with a simple and basic casual look that will work for any skin tone and body type. For this we have picked up the Hubberhlome white solid t-shirt. It has a round neck and short sleeves with some cool red stripes on the end. This adds a dash of color and makes the T-shirt pop! With this we have coordinated the Bandit Blue Slim fit Jeans. It is a little ripped at the knees and has a mid rise waist.

This look will help beat the heat but make you look hot! For adding more edge to this look, I would suggest you team it up with a pair of white sneakers. They are really trending this season.

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The look that we have presented is just the basic look; you can do much more with this. Add a piece of accessory, shades, leather bracelet, a watch, a bright and vibrant scarf or a solid scarf in a nice dark and warm shade or a checked one, especially with a hint of red to go with your t-shirt. You can even use the t-shirt as an undershirt and wear an open button down shirt over it. You can pick something in pastels like salmon pink, light blue or pastel green which would go beautifully with your Bandit dark blue ripped denims; you can also pick something with a checked print. If you are a biker you can add a riding jacket. When the weather turns pleasant or colder you can wear a cool jacket in leather. Black, brown or tan would work equally well albeit you need to match your shoes and belt properly, in color as well as finish.

Hope this solves your dilemma. Both the above mentioned products are budget friendly and of good quality. Do check out the Jabong app or the website for more options, now that you have a basic idea. Actually go for the app as that usually has more offers.

Happy Shopping Guys! You know sometimes retail therapy is all the therapy one needs!

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