What To Wear To A Funeral- Funeral Etiquette

Here’s a funeral attire guide for men…

Have you ever arrived at an event under or overdressed? Tell us what did it feel like? Was it awkward? Was it embarrassing? Did you regret wearing that outfit? Of course you did!

So in order to avoid such “awkward moments” in future,it is advisable to always plan your outfit and dress according to the occasion. You must know that following dress codes for an event or occasion is important.

And it is paramount, when attending a funeral. If this is your first time and there is no one to guide you or by any chance you’re confused about the clothes to wear,then this one’s a must read.Today, we’ll tell you,”What To Wear To A Funeral And What You Should Avoid Wearing

Funeral Outfit Ideas

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A funeral being a somber and respectful occasion asks for subdued tones, classic styles and understated designs. Anything that’s too flashy, ostentatious or loud should be avoided at all costs. You must remember that your primary focus is consoling the deceased’s family. So you must act with tact, sensitivity, dignity and show your support during their difficult time. It is important to dress up like a gentlemen who is not here to look amazing or grab attention or distract the purpose of the day.

So What Should Men Wear To A Funeral?

Funeral Suits

When attending a funeral, you must wear something that you’d wear to a job interview, business meeting or church. When its comes to men’s funeral attire, a conservative Black Suit is a smart choice. If not black, you can also opt for neutral colors like brown,navy,charcoal or muted tones of maroon.You can choose a single or double breasted suit. It should be clean,pressed and a well-fitted one. Avoid patterns,checks or stripes!

 Dress Shirt and Dress Pants

If you don’t have a suit, you have another option too. A formal attire i.e dress shirt and dress pant would also be appropriate to wear to a funeral.

Talking about the dress shirt, white is the traditional choice. While an old white shirt turns to fade and might look sloppy so make sure you wear a white shirt that is new,clean and pressed. In case you do not wish to wear white, you could opt for black,brown or other darker tones.

Pair your dress pants with dress shirts.The pants or slacks must be black or any other neutral color.

Funeral Shoes

Black oxfords or brogues are appropriate. You should avoid wearing anything that’s too stylish like monk straps or anything too casual like the slippers or sneakers.Make sure your shoes are in a good condition.


  • Wear a tie that is simple. No loud colors or print. A neutral color like black or brown would be a better option.
  • Avoid wearing too many accessories, especially the flashy ones.A simple watch or your wedding band would be appropriate to wear to a funeral.
  • You can wear sunglasses but choose something that’s pretty simple. Avoid wearing bold colors or oversized glasses or anything that’s going to call for attention. I would personally suggest to avoid wearing sunglasses and wear only if it seems necessary.

In the end, all we are going to say is keep it simple and sophisticated. Go well groomed, wear a decent suit or something that’s a bit formal and avoid anything that’s going to steal attention for all the wrong reasons.

Honestly, nobody is really going to be bothered about what you wear and how you look. But it is your responsibility to be mindful of what you wear. Keep in mind that wearing a suit isn’t really important but wearing something simple,subtle and presentable is! Don’t forget your intention to attend a funeral is to support the family in their difficult times and express grief so dress accordingly.