Easy Style Upgrades Every Man Should Make in 2024

As a man, it often might seem like your outfits cannot get more creative than a basic sweater and jeans combination, especially when compared to women’s fashion who have up to 24 collections per year. However, a true gentleman can look great even with such a limited number of clothing options, with just a few simple tricks and a bit of investment in one’s wardrobe. Keep reading this article to find out what exactly you need to do to dress better and feel more confident!  

Don’t Ignore the Power of Accessories  

The devil’s in the details, and nothing holds more power in a man’s outfit than some smartly chosen accessories. These small elements can completely transform a look for a plain and boring outfit to a chic ensemble that reflects your personality. The first thing you should get is of course a great watch, as it can instantly express your character even before you introduce yourself. Then, get a high-quality leather bag and a sleek matching wallet: these accessories will not only make you look sophisticated, but will also keep your belongings neat and organized. Lastly, don’t be afraid to wear jewelry, especially necklaces and bracelets, since they add a dash of creativity and interest to your looks.  

Get Your Clothes Tailored  

It often happens that you find a dress shirt or a pair of pants that are 100% your style yet they don’t fit you exactly how you would like them to. Or maybe you have such a garment in your closet, patiently waiting for you to finally stylize it like you’ve always planned. Every man should have a reliable tailor that can alter his clothing exactly to his liking, so that your outfits will look perfectly fit on you no matter if it is a casual ensemble or a formal attire. This way, you can transform even a vintage thrifted shirt into a versatile garment that fits you like a glove.  

Invest in Fabrics  

If there is one thing you should never skimp on, it is definitely top-notch fabrics and materials. Clothes made of luxurious fabrics such as cashmere, merino wool, organic cotton, and silk are worth every penny and have the power to completely transform your wardrobe. When shopping, look for classy, timeless designs, as in combination with durable fabrics they create the best garments one can have in his closet. Irish clothing such as Aran sweaters, knit cardigans, and sweatshirts is a popular choice amongst gentlemen, representing the perfect fusion between comfort, style, durability, and elegance. Check out ShamrockGift’s latest collection of men’s Irish clothing and update your closet with the right fabrics.   

Keep Your Clothing Clean  

No matter if you like it or not, people will create their first impression of you based on your appearance, be it a first date with a lady you’re interested in or the HR of a company that you’d really like to work for. This is why you have to always keep your clothes clean and neat, regardless if you paid $50 or $5000 for a garment. Do your research on how to wash, dry, and store your clothes correctly so they can look brand new for as long as possible. For those stubborn spots that won’t come out even after multiple washes, go to a professional dry cleaner. And lastly, keep your shirts, dress pants, and any other delicate clothing well ironed.