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6 Styling Tips To Dress According To Your Age

Life is funny. When I was a child, I wanted to dress in formals and go to work like the adults at home or wear glasses, braid a bun and be a principal, like the one I had in school. As I got older, I started to yearn to be a child again. Free and unrestrained! Living a simple life; consisting of treats, school, friends, play, nap time, action figures and day dreaming.

People say that age is just a number and I too believe that you are as old or as young as you feel. Even though age and maturity are not co dependent age and fashion should be. I truly believe that we look our best not when we ape someone or follow trends blindly but when we dress according to our body type, complexion, comfort, occasion and age.

When young people try too much to dress ahead of their age they end up looking unflattering and vice versa when older people try to dress like that, it seems that they are struck in their past, desperately trying to hold on. Not attractive at all. If you see a man in his early 30’s dress like he is in high school, won’t you find it weird?

Each year adds something special to our life. The moments we spent and the experiences we gained should be cherished. People who accept their age with grace feel more confident which reflects in their style and fashion. It gives them a charismatic and positive attitude. We feel drawn to them.

Hence, it is very important to dress age appropriately. I have compiled a list of apparel that should be discarded or should be at the back of your wardrobe as a memory but never as a plausible outfit option.

Hence here are the 6 Signs you are not dressing age appropriately

1. Logo Tees/Humor Tees:

This is fine when you are in high school or an undergrad. They are cheap and make for a great casual wear option. However as you grow older such toilette humor should be done away with. If you really really like it and can not imagine your life without it then you can pick something with witty humor, something designer and something that does not make you look like you are clinging to the past. Team it up with a pair of well fitted jeans and maybe add a jacket for a bit of twist.

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2. Embellished and Bedazzled Apparel:

Frankly speaking, I do not find them appropriate for any body. I think they are tacky. I can still understand a child’s fascination with it, I may even find a child prancing around wearing something bedazzled cute. After all they are young and still have a lot to learn about style. It is their age to get attracted to sparkly and glittery things, not yours. Looks juvenile so please discard.

3. Sweats:

Especially when you team it up with a wife beater.  Now agreed this is for working out and you should be comfortable too but there are other options that look better whilst providing the same level of comfort. Substitute your sweatpants with a pair of joggers. Team it up with a t-shirt instead of a wife beater.

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4. Low Slung pants:

How at any given age, one can find drooping pants stylish and appealing is beyond my understanding. I am not even going to reason out why this should be avoided and shunned or rather burned. It is one of those simple and obvious truths in life. So Just Don’t!

5. Wallet Chains:

I mean come on how young do you think you are and want the world to see you as! Do you literally have to chain something to yourself so as not to lose it? Ask yourself this question before stepping out of your house in this fashion disaster and flaunting this in front of the public, which includes impressionable minds too!

6. Old Clothes:

No, I don’t mean the designs and styles of the classic era or black and white movies. I mean your own old clothes from when you were younger, probably in school or college. Sometimes it is nice to look at our old stuff and cherish the old memories. But look and put it back. Do not put them on. If you miss the old times so much then plan a reunion and hang out with your friends from that time and do the activities that you liked to do together. Let them old clothes Rest In Peace.


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