Tips You Need To Follow To Look Tall & Let Your Outfit Do The Magic

How to Dress Suiting to Your Height

Yes, we know being tall is every man’s dream, but don’t be disheartened. You just need to follow these tips to look tall and let your outfit do the magic and dress suiting to your height. The clothes tend to affect the way you look, and can change your body structure visually though. There is no right or wrong height to be and both heights come with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Okay, so we aren’t actually looking at changing the height per say but to change your style and pick clothes that flatter your body style. So for men who want to look tall should pick slimmer fits and always roll up your trousers or jeans. This helps give the illusion that you are tall. Preferably avoid loud prints and colours. You don’t want a lot of attention at you, not just about attention, but tonal dressing is perfect for those who want to appear taller as well as it will make you look as a whole and not in pieces.

Also, wear your accessories higher up. When buying the suit remember your suit shouldn’t be tight at all, you should be able to move freely in it without restriction, but making sure the shoulder seams sit directly on your shoulder blade and the sleeves finished just on your wrist bone is the key. Keep your trousers no lower thank your ankle bone.

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For average heighted people just make sure your clothes are well-fitted.

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For tall heighted men you already have what fashion is made for. You might find difficulty in finding clothes if you are taller than normal.


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