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How to Be a Fashionable Guy When You Are Slim?


Anyone can be fashionable. All it takes is the curiosity and boldness to try new things out. At times, we cower from changes, fearing other people’s unwanted criticisms, and most men just can’t find the courage they need behind their slender self. 

How can you be a fashionable guy when you’re slim?

  • Wear Clothes that Outlines Your Shape

Don’t make the mistake of wearing oversized clothes in the attempt of masking your slender body. It may appear like your best resort to avoid being called scrawny, but let me tell you… it’s not. 

Wearing baggy clothes will make you look shapeless and slimmer. Instead, you must wear clothes that fit you — leaving just enough space for your body to be seen through the outline of your threads. 

Wear slim-fit shirts, they’re a thing right now. There are also skinny jeans, which you can choose over straight cut jeans that don’t look that good on skinny guys. 

  • Avoid Vertical Stripes

Vertical stripes will make you a longer stick than you are right now. Truthfully speaking, vertical stripes are not for you. Side with horizontal stripes and make them your go-to fashion style. They’ll make you look more muscular and less straight-looking. 

Wear clothes with stripes over the chest, you’ll look like a responsible dude who does a hundred pushups every morning. 

Now if you’re “too tall,” I suggest you wear larger horizontal stripes… like 4 stripes seen on the facade of your shirt, I guess those are big enough. Fatter stripes will effectively subtract the unwanted inches off your height. 

  • Try Layering

Layering is a very convenient method, especially when you live in cold conditions. Just do it the right way and layering will make you look as strong as an ox in a fashionable way. 

Go get those coats, long sleeves or cardigans. Just put them over a t-shirt or a button down polo and you’ll look like you’ve put on a few pounds, without even entering the gym.

This look works, especially during special occasions requiring you to dress semi-formally. Talk about striped dress shirts over khaki cardigans matched with black skinny jeans, cuffed over leather loafers. 

  • Take Advantage of Shoulder Pads

Big shoulders are manly features. If you don’t have big shoulders, you won’t be any less of a man… with shoulder pads. 

Take advantage of clothes with shoulder pads as someone with “lesser” shoulders. They’ll make you look bigger and more athletic — more manly. 

If you can’t find coats or shirts with pads, you can buy the pads themselves. Search online, they’re as cheap as disposables but they’ll last you years with good maintenance. 

  • Learn from Fashionable Men

It takes an amount of practice to live a life full of fashion-sense. Learn from the seasoned men in the field of “looking-good-effortlessly.” Get on Instagram and follow a bunch of good looking men and digest their ways of styling: what clothes they wear, when and how. 

Youtube videos are also great sources of information. You can watch a classy gentleman make his tie, dress stylishly and put wax on his hair. The perfect way to learn. 

Being Fashionable is Not For The Sake of Fashion Itself

Become fashionable now and you’ll be a better you tomorrow — in all parts of life. You’ll become a better employee, employer, student or teacher. You’ll look more professional and responsible. With the confidence being fashionable brings you, you’ll even be a better citizen of your country, a friend willing to be spontaneous and fun, a family man who can offer great fashion advice to growing teens and so on. Fashion is not only for cat-walkers but for everybody.