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DIY – How To Make Your Ripped Jeans At Home Easily

Why pay more for an expensive pair of ripped jeans when you can rip one yourself? Follow these simple directions and make your own ripped jeans.

How to Make Your Ripped Jeans at Home Easily

Ripped jeans are super cool and totally badass. They look good on everyone and can never go out of fashion. Great as they are, they are expensive too. But follow these simple steps and you can make one for yourself.

black ripped jeans out with denim jacket

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Step 1: Pick a pair of denim that fits you well, otherwise what’s the point? You can pick a pair already worn or buy a new one. An old pair gives a better fit and looks more worn. You can just wash the new pair a couple of times in hot water and bleach to make it more worn out. Pick a light to medium wash jeans as they look more distressed and realistic when ripped.

Step 2Supplies. Apart from the jeans you will need a sharp tool like a scissor or knife or razor to rip the jeans and sand paper, steel wool or pumice stone to distress the jeans.

light blue ripped jeans

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Step 3: Mark.Pick the spot you wish to rip. Lay your jeans on a flat surface and mark all the places you want to tear with a chalk, a pen or a marker.

Step 4Fray the spots you want to rip with the sand paper or steel wool or pumice stone. This will weaken the area and thin it out making it easier to rip. Before cutting or distressing place something like a block of wood or something else in between the upper and lower layer otherwise you will alter both the front and back of the pants.

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Step 5: Once the spots are weak, use scissors or razor to cut it. Don’t make very big holes or a very clean cut. Use your hands to rip further to make it seem more natural.

And voila, your ripped jeans are ready to rock and roll!