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All You Need To Know About Styling Dhoti Pants

Dynamic Dhoti Pants – Designs, Accessories, Footwear, Images, Styles

Since our childhood (the lil Fashionista period), we always dreamed of a stylish and comfortable attire which would be the talk of the town. And we have found just the right outfit for you. DHOTI PANTS!! They are extremely fashionable and are dapper, smart and comfortable.

Dhoti Pant Outfit Ideas For Men

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Every Bollywood celeb has been spotted wearing Dhoti Pants. Ever wondered why? Because, Dhoti Pants look fabulous in every body type. Bollywood actors have been trendsetters since the very beginning and since most of them (Ranveer Singh, Shahid Kapoor, Farhan Akthar… the list is endless) have styled Dhoti Pants, should you have waited more? No way!

Dhoti Pant Outfit Ideas For Men This Wedding Season

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Dhotis are generally loose pants fashioned from pieces of cloth that are wrapped around the legs and knotted at the waist. They have evolved tremendously in the recent times. Earlier they were just cloths draped around the waist, but now they have been refashioned with readymade pants that are the exact resemblance of the ancient avatar. These types are more easy to wear and comfortable to carry around (unlike the ancient ones that fall off!)

So here, we go-

All you need to know about dhoti pants and how to style them.

Dhoti Pant Colours –

Colours play a vital role in selection of dhotis. You have a variety of options to choose from colours like red, white, black, golden, etc. These are the standard colours that go well with almost every shirt, kurtas or other outfits you planning to wear. The key is to match your dhoti with your top wear and seeing to it that they go well with each other. If you wanna be o the funkier side, try combining loud colours with your dhotis to get the attention.

 Dhoti Pant Patterns and Designs –

Who said dhotis are for the old people? Simple dhoti pants have come of age and as time passed numerous features have been added to dhoti pants like exotic prints, innovative fabrics and vibrant colour. Due to this great variation of colours and casual looks, these pants can be worn anywhere irrespective of the occasion. Due to all these factors, these pants have crossed the fashion border and are now seen on fashion ramps in the western countries.

Dhoti Pant Types –

Dhotis mainly come in three types; panchas, mardanis and the veshtis.  These three are the traditional dhoti styles that men wear on occasions such as weddings or other functions. But nowadays, men tend to opt for the contemporary readymade dhotis. These can be worn on ceremonial as well as casual events in place of the unstitched dhoti (especially if you don’t know how to tie them) Readymade kurta for men are extremely versatile and can be worn for formal and informal occasions.

Dhoti Pant Styles –

Styling a dhoti pant with your outfit can be tricky if you don’t know how to do it, but once you have mastered the technique it’s guaranteed that you will fall in love with it.

You can flaunt this wear in two different styles;

  1. Ethnic- Pairing a traditional wear with your dhoti makes it look elegant. Try wearing a kurta or sherwani over you dhoti pant. Jodhpuri suits are also a good option to choose from. An outfit like this can be worn to occasions like a friends day out, grandparent’s home for a function and also when travelling for long distance.
  2. Indo-Western Sporting an Indian wear along with a western outfit is called Indo-western wear. Wearing a dhoti with a funky t-shirt will not only look really cool but will also help you stand out in the crowd. Dhotis are a super cool outfit. Team up a dark shaded dhoti pant with a white or light coloured T-shirt and comfy slippers and you are good to go for a casual outing with friends and family. It’s not just trendy, but awesomely comfortable for the scorching summer days. This style is the most trendy outfit style that is preferred by most men. Such an outfit can be worn to Continuation Party, a Launch Part, Fresher’s Party or any big event that does not necessarily ask for traditional attire. This style is definitely a conversation initiator.

With What to Wear a Dhoti Pant –

After hearing all about dhoti pants you may be wondering with which outfits to pair them. Well, let’s just say we have it covered for you. Try the following styles that will help you elevate your fashion to an whole other level.

  1. Dhoti and blazer Gone are the days when dhotis were considered as the outfit used as wedding dress for men to pair up with a sherwani. Next time there’s a formal party or other such occasions for that matter, try wearing a bandhgala blazer with you dhoti. Also, if you are bold enough, wear a hat with it to make you look like the superlative fashion sense? Wanna be that guy?
  2. Dhoti and Suit  Seen the Axe Signature Gold ad, where the guy catches the attention of the entire crowd? Yes that’s because he wore a suit over a dhoti. You can do that too! No, it’s not stupid! all you need is a little guts to do it. Take chances. You will than us later.
  3. Dhoti with Kurta and a Nehru Jacket Dhoti Kurta has no paradox of Orthodox thinking. They are still loved by majority and people wear the kurta along with a dhoti to look trendy. But give it a thought, why not add a Nehru Jacket along? This will give an amazing look and the best combination You will completely fall for this.

Dhoti Pant Accessories and Footwear –

Wear a simple bracelet and chain along with this look. you may even wear earrings to make you look sexier.
When it comes to footwear, try loafers or traditional chappals or sandals. you can also wear casual looks if you want to go Indo-western the next time.

You may not believe it, but the best part about dhoti pants is their versatility and therefore can be worn in many ways. Dhoti pants are the epitome of fashion in the category of traditional wear and are not likely to go out of fashion with all the new variations made by the fashion designers and fashion stylist of the new age.

Now all you need is a dhoti pant in your wardrobe and kill it the next time you wear it.

2 Ways To Wear Dhoti Pants
2 Ways To Wear Dhoti Pants
2 Ways To Wear Dhoti Pants
2 Ways To Wear Dhoti Pants