Amazing Denim Care Tips To Maintain Your Favourite Denim

15 Denim Care Hacks- Do’s & Don’ts,Maintaining Tips, Drying Facts, Etc


Denim is definitely the only staple in men’s wardrobe that’s stylish, trendy and comfortable at the same time. Markets are covered with variety of denims from skinny to baggy and from different designs to styles to choose from. Everyone would thus prefer to buy a perfect pair of denim that can be styled in variety of ways. After spending good amount on denim men will definitely want it to last longer which is only possible with good denim care. Here in this blog you will find amazing denim care tips to protect your jeans from shrinking and fading out.

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Here Are Some Denim Care Tips Men Should Follow

1. Don’t wash them too often as doing so can make them fade faster.
2. To get rid of the odour, place the denim in the freezer overnight this will kill all the odour-causing bacteria.
3. Before washing it, make sure you put two table spoon of salt in water to set the dye. This is one of the most common denim care tip.
4. While washing your denim prefer going for cold water instead of warm as it helps in preventing fading.
5. Avoid washing it in a washing machine instead wash it by hand to make it last longer.

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6. Let it air dry and not in sunlight as it can make it fade easily and also shorten its life.
7. Don’t use bleach to wash the denim as it can ruin your denim colour. This is one of the most important denim care tip to remember.
8. Make sure you don’t wash it too hard as the indigo gets washed off. If at initial washes less indigo is lost then the denim’s life is extended and doesn’t fade away easily.
9. Avoid harsh and heavy detergents as it can damage the denim.
10. Instead of detergents men can also use dishwashing liquid as it’s mild and safe of fabric.

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11. If you are washing the denim for the first time make sure you don’t sock light colour outfits with it as it will shed some left over dye into the water with can leave strains on other outfits too.
12. Washing can shrink the denim to half a size thus it’s important to wash it lightly to maintain its shape.
13. Storing it properly also plays an important role in denim care as it will extend the life of the denim.
14. Always read the label on the denim as wash it as the instructions only to save it from the damage.
15. Before washing turn the denim inside out to avoid fading.