7 Clothing Hacks For Men To Make Styling Easier

Clever Clothing Hacks – Fastest Tie Knot, Ironing Shirt, Styling White Shirt, Etc


We all want to have best styled outfit with less efforts and in minimum time. Well, this can be done with few clothing hacks which make men’s life easier. There are days were many run out of time and need some easy ways to get styled. Looking stylish is not a tough job if one knows some clever clothing hacks. This blog is a guide to some everyday problem men face during styling.

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Here Are 7 Clothing Hacks Every Man Should Know

1. Fastest Tie Knot:

While styling for office best tie knot is the four-in-hand as it’s the simplest and the easiest. It can be tied within seconds who saves time and gives perfect classic look.

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2. Ironing Shirt:

Right way to iron the shirt is to spray some water, iron the collar first than the front. This way there will be no wrinkles and save lot of time too.

3. Styling White Shirt:

White dress shirt are likely to be transparent. Wearing white under wear will show through the shirt thus, go for grey this will surely save many from embarrassments.

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4. Rolling Up Sleeves:

Rolling up sleeves leaves many men in trouble thus it’s very important go for some clothing hacks. Here is one- open the cuff button, fold the shirt sleeve to half and then fold the half folded section leaving the cuff a bit exposed.

clothing hacks - rolled up sleeves

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5. Tuck- in Loose Shirt:

If the shirt is too loose to tuck-in grab an end of the shirt fold it and then tuck the shirt in the pant it will create an illusion of fitted shirt. This will also prevent untidy shirt tuck-in as it looks bad and make people question your personality and style.

6. Perfect Denim:

To figure out whether the denim is a perfect fit or no men should definitely try out these clothing hacks – while doing the trail put two fingers in the denim at the waist, if it perfectly fits in then that’s the right pair to go for. If running out of time to try the denim put the hand horizontally through the waist belt and figure-out the right fit.

7. Washing Socks:

Socks can shrink when dried in a drier thus after the wash cycle removing, separating and hanging will maintain the shape as well as extend socks life.