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6 Amazing Ways To Wear Polo


Polos go best with Shorts. You can wear polo on shorts  if you going for a weekend trip , forget denims & trousers. Just go for a shorts & polo’s. Pair it with Sneakers or boat shoes brings you in a comfort zone.

polo shirt and shorts for men outfit

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2. Polos With Trouser/ Chinos

If going for any family /business event on weekend try the polo with Trousers/full pants or chinos. This gives you formal as well as casual look.

3. Polos With Denims

To enjoy your office on weekends, go for denims with polos. You can wear it with boat shoes . Thats in trend!

black polo shirt with denims

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4. Polo Tucked In

Some people also like to tuck in their polo t-shirt with any apparel with casual shoes, and a pair of sunglasses.

5. Full Button

Footballers like David Beckham button up their polo to enjoy a different look.

6. Stand Collar

You can put your collars on, this gives you a bit cool and college boy looks.

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