5 Tricks To Make You Look Thinner

5 cool tricks from my bag of illusions to help you Look Thinner!

Now, I agree that beauty is skin deep and it is what’s on the inside that matters. Readers should not mistake this article to be another weapon in arsenal of fat shaming. What we think about ourselves is what really matters. It is our perception that shapes our attitude towards our self. A positive attitude makes for a confident person, and confidence is a really attractive quality. The purpose of this article is to acquaint you with a few hacks to help you look and feel good. One should always dress to accentuate one’s best features. It does not really matter if you are thin or not, you should be fit and should be able to present yourself well. Of course the simplest and the most obvious solution is to eat healthy and exercise. But considering that weight or inch loss does not take place overnight, these hacks will help you get by till you achieve your goal.

Here begins 5 Tricks To Make You Look Thinner.

1. Wear the right size. It is a common misconception among people that wearing loose or baggy clothing will work as a camouflage for their problem areas, be it in the belly area or the love handles. That does not mean you go super skinny and wear something that causes you to make a choice between breathing and not bursting out of your clothes. Wearing tighter clothes will make you look bulgy and instead of highlighting your plus points, only serve to shift focus entirely on your flaws. Therefore buy clothes that fit you perfectly. In case you do not get the proper fit off the rack then find a tailor and get it customized a little.

2. Avoid wearing loud prints and patterns. Go for solid hues instead. Under no circumstances should you sport horizontal stripes. Opt for vertical stripes instead. They create an optical illusion and make you look thinner by elongating the look of your body.

3. A V-neck will concoct an illusion of height and work to make your frame look thinner. Go for lighter knits and fabrics. The V neck shirt, V neck tee and / or V neck sweater should fit perfectly at the hips and the waist and can be a little bit snug around the torso, arms, and shoulders.

4. Wear pants, denims and trousers at your waist. Do not pick anything in low waist style. Wear full length pants instead of shorts or 3/4th pants. Solid colors especially navy, black, and grey in darker tones make you look thinner. Try to create an illusion of continuity by not breaking the monotony of colors from top to bottom. Avoid trousers or chinos with pleats. Do not fold your trousers or denims at the bottom. It will make you look heavier. Avoid light colors.

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5. Get back to the classics. Embrace the dark side and go all black. Black does make you look thinner. It is no myth. In fact “Wearing black makes you look thin” is the polar opposite of “The camera adds 10 pounds”. Wearing too many colors breaks the illusion, besides black looks sexy.

So guys do try these tricks and together we can make the tall claims by diet pills and fraud gyms “Loose 10 pounds in 10 Days WITHOUT EXERCISE” finally come true, scam free!

Do try out these looks and reinvent casual!


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