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5 Spectacular Ways To Style Micro Print Shirt

A micro print shirt is the go to option for anyone and everyone who doesn’t like the bold and loud prints. The small prints make the shirt more appealing and give a very subtle vibe. Pretty flora and fauna print or polka dots when printed on shirts look very decent and classy. If you’re bored of wearing the stripes or plaid, then you must try a micro print shirt.

This printed shirt can be styled in many ways. Apart from the regular one, you can pull off this look with a jacket or blazer. Go for accessories, a hat or so and create a more dashing outfit. You must definitely try and experiment with different ways to style this shirt and up your style game.

Wondering how to do it?

Check out these 5 ways to style the amazing micro print shirt…

  • Blazer

Pull off a smart casual look by adding a blazer to your micro print shirt. Use colors that will complement your outfit and we’re sure you’ll create a brand new look!

  • Leather Jacket

A leather jacket will definitely add an edge to your style. Try this look and let us know what do you think about it!

  • Puffer Jacket

This puffer jacket paired with denim shorts and printed shirt is surely a dope look to go for.

  • Shorts +Micro Print Shirt

This combination of a small print shirt and shorts makes up for the perfect summer look. Up your style game this summer season with this amazing combo!

  • Denim Jeans + Accessories

If you wish to take your style game to another level then accessorize your look with a hat and rings, chain and more! The simple and casual shirt and jeans look will turn into a stylish one just by adding a few accessories. So go give it a shot!