5 Old Fashion Rules That Men Should Break In 2021

5 Baseless Men’s Fashion Rules- Don’t mix patterns, Horizontal Stripes Are Unflattering, Etc

5 Old Fashion Rules That You Should Break In 2018

We all have grown up hearing some basic style rules which we try following till date. Let me tell you it’s high time you should ignore them and follow the new fashion trends. Many people judge men on the basis of these outdated fashion rules but it’s nothing you should get bothered about. Only thing you should keep in mind is that these rules are baseless now. You should just ditch oudated fashion rules because with few change you can easily flaunt these style. In this blog I have mentioned some rules people say you should opt for but with some styling tips you can carry it well without creating a fashion disaster.

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Here Are Some Outdated Fashion Rules You Should Avoid:

1. Horizontal Stripes Are Unflattering:

It’s just a myth that horizontal stripes make you look wider and fat but it’s not the truth. Yes it may look a bit weird if you style horizontal stripes from head to toe or if its skin tight. This is the only case that can break your look so don’t stop styling it. You can try out striped tees with ripped jeans or chinos. Don’t let any rule stop you from wearing such stylish outfit.

2. Don’t Mix Patterns:

Nowadays it’s a trend to wear mix patterns and if people tell you to stop styling it stay away from them. I agree it may not look good while styling casuals but trust me it is worth the try. Don’t style a printed shorts with a printed shirt this will definitely make people follow this fashion rule. Styling a printed pocket square or tie on checked suit will be a great option.

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3. Always Wear Socks With Pants:

Earlier men dint prefer going sockless and that’s the reason they came up with this rule. Trust me it’s not needed at all as going sockless is a new fashion. Socks have absolutely nothing to do with your pants so why make any compulsions. Imagine wearing pants, loafers and crew length socks, OMG nothing can be worse than this. Try to avoid socks while going for loafers or driving shoes. You can also go sockless while styling dress shoes.

4. Stick To Navy And Black Suits:

Gone are those days were navy blue and black suits ruled the fashion world. Nowadays variety of colours has taken over which looks stunning on all occasions. Yes it is true that navy and black are classic colours and no other colour can beat its look but the fact that other colours also hold the capability to enhance your look is also true. You can try out grey, brown, burgundy or green suits to rock your formal look.

5. Match Your Pants To Your Socks:

I totally don’t understand the need of matching socks and pant colour. Is it to merge them to avoid embarrassments in public? Well that’s insane. Yes is may be true in the case of formal meetings but its high time to stop styling it. Trust me there is no need to go for same colours you can opt for any solid colour or printed socks for any occasion.

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