5 answers for what should men wear on a Weekend Getaway

Weekends are all about chilling and enjoying the relaxed vibe after a hectic week. Some might prefer to just stay home and relax while some might want to go out for a getaway and enjoy their weekend to the fullest and going out means dressing up but not at the cost of your comfort. So then what to wear which will give you your desired look and does not cost your comfort? Well, now you don’t need to overthink because I have clubbed answers to your questions here. Head down and check them out.

5 answers for what should men wear on a Weekend Getaway

  • Striped Shirts

    Wearing a Striped shirt is such a cool trend because they are versatile and look quite cool. A beach look or a club look striped shirts just go well. Also, don’t forget to accessorize your look because they will add some spark to your outfit and your look.

Stripped Shirts for a weekend getaway look

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Stripped Shirt weekend getaway outfit

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  • Shirts & Shorts

    Want to look carefree but in a style then just grab your shorts and pair them with a shirt and with this you get your carefree look in style. Add on’s like Hat, cap, shades, or chains will do great to your look.

Shirts and Shorts.

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  • Denim Jackets & White Tees

    Denim jackets are hands down men’s favorite wardrobe staple and they love to pair it with a white tee. The best you can do for your look is if you are layering your denim jacket over a white tee then go for white sneakers and accessories like chains, shades, and watches.

Denim Jackets _ White Tees for a weekend getaway look

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  • Printed Shirts & Ripped Shorts

    Printed Shirts are a whole vibe. They should be called fun wear as the prints give a relaxed and fun vibe. Pairing them with Ripped shorts is the best they give a Vacation look. Also, Shades and Chains will do wonders on your look.

  • Shirts & Ripped Jeans

    We saw shirts with shorts but shirts with Ripped jeans are also a good outfit idea. They give you both a dapper and street-style look. Pair your Ripped Jeans with shirts like white blue and black they will compliment your look.

That’s it for today. I hope my blog has helped you find what you want to wear on a weekend getaway and if yes then do share it with your friends. Do let us know if you have any suggestions for us. Thanks for reading.