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3 Reasons To Wear A Henley

3 Reasons to Wear A Henley

For those who don’t know what a Henley is, Henleys are a pullover shirt. It is somewhere in between a polo t-shirt and a regular t- shirt. In the sense, that a Henley does not have a collar like a tee but has a round neckline with a placket with somewhere between two to six buttons. The sleeves are either full or short. I really like the Henley in long sleeves.

Now coming to the why. Not that you really need a reason. I mean, it fit quite snugly, keeps you warm and looks really hot.

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Here are 3 Reasons To Wear A Henley

1. A Henley is very versatile. Very multi-purpose. It can be worn as is with denims or chinos or under a sweater, cardigan or jacket. You can add a muffler and a pair of gloves when it gets cold. You can dress it up or play cool and dress down depending on the occasion. They are available in both light and heavy fabric. You can choose according to the season.

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2. Henley’s are easily available. You can buy them online or from a store near you.

3. It is a great alternative to a regular tee especially when going casual or while layering. It looks different and makes you stand out even when you are dressing down and in a relaxed setting. You don’t have to do anything extra or go out of the way.

Grey Henley shirt for men

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Grey, Charcoal, Navy blue, Maroon, Tan are all great color choices for a Henley. When dressing down and going casual, I would suggest you leave the top button undone. Looks hot!

Try out something different this winter.


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