11 Kick-ass Layering ways for Men in winter

Winter is a season where you love to be warm and cozy all day long and all the warm layers make their way out of the closets to keep you warm all day long. Layering keeps you cozy and warm all day long so you don’t face any difficulties in your daily routine in freezing winters so layering is important and that’s why winter is also known as the season of layers. But wait! Is layering according to you easy? If yes then well, you are wrong. Looking at it layering might seem quite an easy & hassle-free thing but it isn’t as easy as it looks.

Layering is tricky because you might think your layered outfit is perfect but you won’t realize how weird you might be looking in real to the outer world. Layering is fun actually, you get to play with colors, and get to try different fabrics and different types of layering styles. It is not that tough also to do layering. A smart choice of layers and the right mixing will make layering easy and fun for you. Let’s quickly get through some interesting layering ways.

11 Kick-ass layering ways for Men in winter

  • Knitted blazer Layering

    Well aware of the fact that offices are chilly and feel chillier in winters you must go for knitted blazers. Knitted blazers just look like your normal blazers but will definitely keep warm in winter chills and will go well with your formal outfit for your work giving you a corporate professional look.

knitted blazer Layering Outfit Ideas

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  • Shearling coat Layering

    The coziest layers in winter are hands down Shearling coats. They are incredibly soft and so worth your investment. These coats will keep you extremely warm in highly freezing winters and also look classy when pulled on over a turtle neck or styled with a neck scarf draped around your neck

  • Leather Jackets Layering

    To look snazzy in winter with enough warmth you just need a leather jacket. Leather jackets have been around in trend especially in winter because they provide both style and warmth. Also, they are even worth it because they blend with every outfit you layer them from turtle neck to hoodie or a casual tee.

Leather Jacket Layering

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  • Puffer Jackets layered Over tees

    Puffer jackets also called quilted jackets are filled with synthetic fibers because of which they give a next-level warmth. Pair them with a tee and get yourself a warm casual look.

  • Layering with Cardigans

    When the discussion is about layering one cannot miss cardigans. They look classy and perfect for a statement look. On the days when the Chilly temperature gets a little less, you can go for a cardigan over a turtle neck.

  • Scarf over a turtle neck

    So it’s not necessary that only jackets and coats are used for layering. Scarfs all work great as layers in winters you simply drape them around your neck and they keep you warm and give you good looks too.

Scarf over a turtle neck

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  • Wool blend waist jacket

    If you are not too fond of long coats and cardigans but want enough warmness then wool blend waist jackets are here for you. You button them up and you are packed up with warmness in freezing winters.

  • Cut sleeve puffer jacket

    When temperatures get slightly freezy you can always go for a cut sleeve puffer jacket over a tee.

  • Cable Knit Sweaters

    The most common layer in winters is a cable knit sweater. Cable knit sweaters look chunky and give well enough warmness when made out of wool and not a synthetic blend. Cable knit sweaters are pullover sweaters and can be easily layered over shirts and t-shirts.

  • Sleeveless Puffy waistcoat

    Want a warm layer in winters but also want to avoid overheating, here sleeveless puffy waistcoats shine. Because of their puffy design, they are breathable enough and when you layer them they feel like just a normal jacket that will keep you warm and make you look stylish.

  • Bomber Jackets

    Bomber Jackets are timeless wardrobe pieces. They look flattering and attractive whenever ad where ever you will wear them on tees shirts or anything for that matter. They keep you warm and are one the best stylish layers for winters.

Layering is a fun game when you make interesting choices. I hope my article has helped you to find out suitable layer for your winter outfit. Share our article with your friends and do let us know if you have any suggestions for us. Also check out some blue fall outfits by us that you’ll fall in love with. Thanks for reading.