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Latest Indo-Western Outfits Men Must Try In 2020

Dashing Indo-Western Styles – How To Wear, When To Wear, Images, Style Guide

As the name itself suggests, Indo-Western wear simply means the fusion of Indian wear and western ones. They include fusion of Indian style of coats and western coats, kurtas and sherwani with jeans, etc. The Indo-Western look is more famous among the young generation and the middle-aged people do its extremely amazing styling possibilities. This is a great way style to wear at a party or a function which requires traditional outfits. Sporting an Indo-Western look will add class and elegance to your fashion statement. It gives you the majestic Indian look with a glimpse of western appearance. It gives a more elegant look for occasions like wedding and parties.


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Designer Indo Western Outfit Ideas For Men This Season

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The perfect and the best fusion of Indo-Western attire will definitely to make you look stylish, but many do not know how to style an Indo-Western wear.

Read on to know more about this wear and how to style it and when to style it like a pro.

  • When to wear an Indo-Western:

In Indian weddings a lot of importance is given to the attire. Whether it is your own wedding or somebody else’s, everybody wants to look good. Indian weddings mostly call out for traditional attire and everybody will be in their kurtas and sherwani. In the process people wear heavy outfits with lot of ornamentation and embroidery work on them. In the process we often forget about the person who tried thousands of outfits and before months and want to look amazing for the most important day of his life. Yes, we are talking about the groom! To give him the attention he deserves you should try Indo-Western outfits. It may be as simple as wearing a denim with a kurta or sherwani. You can pair your traditional outfit with pair of sneakers or casual shoes.

You can wear Indo-Western for traditional days or functions in your colleges, office or your locality. You don’t have to wear all the heavily embroidered sherwani or bling-y kurta and Patiala. All you need to do is to just put on the simple colored kurta that you have in your wardrobe, pair it with jeans or casual pants and walk to the function. It not only makes you increase your style quotient, but will also impress your colleagues and especially your boss! This Indo-Western look will give you the comfort you were longing for.

  • Why to wear Indo-Western:

Comfort+Style+Elegance+Awesomeness= Indo-Western!

By wearing Indo-Western attire you can achieve all the above said characteristics. Many people do wear traditional Indian outfits because it is less comfortable. The upcoming generation hates it when it comes to wearing traditional as they have to carry around the heavy outfit around. The concept of Indo-Western was introduced in the fashion world to get rid of this issue. The latest fashion designers have made a remarkable change in the world of traditional outfits. They showed how to style Indian traditional outfits with Western outfits. This made it easy for young generation to wear them to their colleges, offices, functions, etc. without thinking much about the comfort level. It adds the OOMPH factor to your fashion statement.

Indo-Western outfits come with simple detailed yet classy designs and embroidery and intricate work with adds to the outlook of the attire. These out fits or rather style has become popular in such less time that in every function or parties, it’s common to spot at least one guy with Indo-Western fashion than traditional. This is a super trendy style and it’s gonna be the future of traditional wear.

  • How To Wear An Indo-Western Attire-

This is the most asked question or doubt that many guys have. After reading through the entire post if you still wondering how to wear an indo-western attire, then read a little more, ‘cause we have the answer to your most important question.

Basically Indo-Western wear means the fusion of Indian wear and Western wear (as you may have learnt by now). It won’t just satisfy the need of wearing a traditional wear but will also increase your style factor.

Some of the trendiest styles that many fashion designers suggest and many others like to wear are as follows:

  • Kurtas with Denim Jeans- This is the most casual and common style. It’s simple yet classy. You can pair almost every kurta color shades with a black or darker shades of blue jeans.
  • Shirts with Scarf (dupatta) and Turban– Wearing a casual or formal shirt with along with a scarf and a head turban is also commonly seen among men, mainly during festivals.
  • Kurtas/ Sherwani with Casual Shoes- Footwear can also be experimented with! You can try wearing casual shoes along with cultural attire. Sneakers can also be teamed up with kurta and jeans or casual chinos. You can wear a shirt with chinos or jeans along with a sandal or Kolhapur
  • Shirts with Dhoti pants – This is a crazy way of mixing traditional attire and the rest. Try wearing dhoti along with shirts and if you are bold enough, try dhoti with coats (Remember the Axe Signature God advertisement?)
  • Accessories- Accessorize your look with pocket squares, handcrafted shoes, brooches. It adds the royal look and also looks sexy. Sunglasses and stylish are also a great accessory to team up with your outfit, whether it’s kurta, sherwani, Patiala, etc. You can always wear sunglasses along with them (provided its day time, we don’t want you to look like a blind person in the function taking place on a chilly evening!)

Indian attire is amongst the most looked upon outfit styles in the world. For all the funky freaks out there who also want to try something new, Indo-Western style is the thing for you. Wearing the traditional ethnic men’s wear will help you to adapt to and embrace the culture of India without and still being updated with the latest fashion trends around the world.