How to Decorate Around HVAC?

Your HVAC system is one of the most integral systems in your home. While you need it to be there, you likely prefer that it not be the focal point in your interior décor scheme. 

Likewise, when you enjoy your yard, you don’t want that air conditioning unit to be the most noticeable feature. Thankfully, you can create your own aesthetic without compromising the indoor air quality initiatives by HVAC contractors in Houston. 

Here are some decorating ideas for both indoors and outdoors to help draw attention away from your air conditioning system.  

Ways to Decorate Around Your HVAC System Indoors 

You count on your air conditioner to keep you comfortable while you enjoy your home, but you don’t want it to be the only thing that stands out. Your vents may stand out or you may have an awkwardly placed cabinet for your air handler that you would prefer not to notice. If you feel like your air conditioner is detracting from your interior design, you can try the following tactics.  

Find a Distraction 

Art is a great way to distract from large vents. Hanging it in just the right place will draw the eyes to the artwork rather than to the functional parts of your air conditioner. Paints can additionally help blend the equipment in and help you hide it within plain sight and make it grab less attention.  

Upgrade Your Vents 

In some home designs, it may not be possible to distract from the vents with artwork or paint colors. In these cases, you may want to upgrade the vent covers with something ornamental, turning it into its own functional work of art. Whatever you do, make sure it doesn’t block the circulation of air in your home.  

Move Your Furniture 

Strategically placing your furniture and other interior items around can help hide your HVAC system from view. However, you should never block an air vent by putting anything in front of, on top of, or simply too close.  

Ways to Decorate Around Your HVAC System Outdoors 

You have worked hard to make your home your own private retreat. The outdoor spaces you have created such as your pool, fire pit, or garden should bring you peace. When you can see your unsightly air conditioning unit in your yard, it detracts from your charming oasis.   

These simple tricks may be the ultimate solution in finding ways to decorate around your HVAC outdoors.  

Add Raised Garden Beds 

Adding raised garden beds does have the potential to draw attention to your AC unit. However, when you have limited options, it can put the focus on your plants rather than your HVAC system. The most important thing to remember when trying this tactic to decorate around your HVAC is to keep them far enough away that they do not obstruct air circulation. It is also ideal that you leave enough room to allow easy access to this equipment for any HVAC technician to perform maintenance or repairs.  

Use Lattice Paneling 

While you may want to hide away your AC unit, covering it or blocking it completely can cause the unit to break down. A lattice panel may be the ideal solution since it can hide it away without restricting this flow of air. You’ll want to leave enough room when using lattice paneling for any AC service calls, but this versatile option, which can be customized to your dimensions, should easily do the trick.  

Choose Large Planters 

Your outdoor space may benefit from large flower pots and planter boxes. You should consider the way the sun and shade come into play in this area and select the types of plants that will thrive in these conditions. Choose something that looks nice yet isn’t bursting with colorful blooms. Pretty flowers will draw more unwanted attention while a series of lovely plants can be the perfect disguise.  

Install Fencing 

If you like the idea of lattice but want something a little more complete, consider having fencing installed. Always talk to a professional about the layout and using breathable materials. A louvered fence would be an excellent option since it will still allow plenty of air circulation for your air conditioning system to function properly. Make sure that this fenced-in area will allow enough space for airflow and for AC maintenance.  

Use Trellises and Vines 

With trellises or lattice panels, you can grow vines that will add a beautiful style to your backyard area. This is the perfect solution for decorating around your HVAC unit if you’re good with plants. You can tie the vines to help them grow up and come into their own. Like with other methods for hiding your outdoor AC unit, you will want to keep the roots and plant materials away from the system to prevent any problems.  

Let It Be 

Unfortunately, there may be no way to conceal this equipment without impeding it from its proper function. In that case, you may want to get creative with the rest of your yard to set up other focal points that draw attention away from that part of your yard.   

You can install a walkway, garden, pool, hot tub, fire pit, or another amenity in your yard. The more beautiful and entertaining your backyard is, the less likely anyone is going to stare at your air conditioning unit.  

Keep Your Yard Clean 

If you’re unable to do anything to actually cover up your exterior unit, you should also focus on keeping your yard neat and tidy. This is a great tactic for any unsightly item, including your AC system. When things are kept in order, it keeps the eyes from focusing on the essential equipment needed for the home. Even if you have a backyard barbecue, the focus won’t be on this vital machinery, but rather, your new grill and deck furniture set. 

Ultimately, the choice is yours when it comes to decorating around your air conditioning system. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t violate the golden rule of not impeding the air flow when choosing your décor. 

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