Bathroom Decor Ideas

Bathrooms are not all about toilets, sinks and white tiles, just like any parts of your house, it must also be decorated to give it a new breath of life, but before heading up to your nearest decor store, have a look at our list of ideas on how you can you level up the look of your bathroom — and transform it like never before. 

Personalize Your Wallpaper 

Ready-made wallpapers are too boring! Even though wallpapers can really improve the look of your bathroom, it lacks the ‘wow’ factor that can really level up you bathroom’s look. Instead of relying on its ready-made designs, why don’t you make your own? It’s an unusual choice of decor, but this is what really makes your bathroom distinct from other bathrooms. 

This wallpaper of yours must reflect your personality, your passion, hobbies or anything that can express yourself. You can print images related to these things, or for a more retro art look — cut-outs from magazines. You must then cover it with a waterproof covering, so its designs remain intact for a long time. 

Framed Art 

The second decor that would perfectly complement your personalized wallpaper is a framed art. Again, your framed art must reflect your personality, hobbies or passion, and by seeing these images that remind you of something delightful, staying inside your bathroom can be a lot more refreshing. 

Oversized Art Print 

If you don’t want the dominance of personalized wallpapers or the minimal size of a framed art, you might like to put an oversized art print in your bathroom. You may choose from the artworks of your favorite artists, or it can be any art that reflects your personality. Just imagine having an oversized ‘Starry Night’ right inside your bathroom, wouldn’t it be great?

Dark Walls 

Dark walls are relaxing to the eyes, and it complements perfectly as your body relaxes when you take a bath. Unlike bright colors, having a dark-colored wall requires only one color, which gives your bathroom a holistic design. People have different preferences in their bathroom walls, and for someone who doesn’t prefer personalized wallpapers, then this one can be a better option. 

Combine Wood Flooring and Hexagon Tiles 

Wood and hexagon tiles really work! Even though these combination might appear like an odd pair, it certainly levels up the overall look of your bathroom. If you’re considering a permanent design such as this floor improvement, you may have to consult a couple of home renovation experts to know how this improvement can be executed properly. Delicate improvements like this must be done by experts to ensure that you’ll get a high-quality output in the end. 

Add Metal Chromes 

The distinct shine of metal chromes certainly adds beauty inside your bathroom. It gives a modern look without overpowering your existing decorations. The best thing about this decor is it perfectly blends with all the other designs inside your bathroom. Even with its minimal presence, it creates a significant impact on your bathroom’s overall look, which makes it a cost-efficient decor to have. 

Hanging Baskets 

Hanging baskets can make one of the most important decorations inside your bathroom: “the uncluttered look.” By having a ready basket to organize your bathroom essentials, it will bring a neat and organized look that can free up more space. It can also act as a wastebasket so you can quickly shoot you trash and maintain your bathroom’s cleanliness. 

Golden Door Towel Racks 

This decor gives your bathroom a ‘kingly’ (and queenly) look. Like the metal chrome, the minimal presence of golden towel racks adds big beauty to your bathroom. This decor is one of the most ignored bathroom decor options that actually improves anyone’s space.

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