A Classic Metal Roof: Homey-Feels All the Time

While in the last months, you may have found that quarantining at home makes you want to curse the walls and all the furniture, still your home should be a place for peace and comfort. No matter what is happening to the world now. What does home mean to you? It is a place where you find happiness and peace. We pray that in whatever case you might be in, you feel it as well. 

In our last couple of articles, we shared some steps of purchasing a new roof for your cherished home. We first began setting your standard for your new roof and proceeded to hire the right roofing company to install your new roof. And the next step is enjoying your newly installed roof. 

Making a decision needs wise and careful thinking. It will enable you to enjoy even the roof installation- despite some loud noise from cutting and hammering. Seeing the progress and getting daily reports from your skilled and professional roofing contractor will put you at ease that you are having with your new roof. Hiring the right roofing contractor can make a fun experience for you from beginning to end. 

Thus, once the new roof installation has been finished, what do you want to see? Let us see the benefits you can enjoy from metal roofing. 

Freedom from Worrying 

The roof of your home is the first line of defense against severe weather conditions and other outside elements. With an old, torn, worn-out roof, every storm can cause concerns of water damage. A correctly installed new metal roof, though, will secure your home, your family, and your possessions- no matter what natural disaster Mother Nature gives you. A roof with high resistance to high wind, ice, fire, hail, snow, and even mols guards you and your home. 

Are you looking for a durable metal roof that offers peace of mind and protection? Give Rugged Roofing and Restoration a call now. 


At least half of the visible exterior of most homes is the roof. It is a big part that gives curb appeal to your home. While for many years, many homeowners have just picked their roofs based on the color of the shingles, quality metal roofs these days offer you different variants of colors and styles. Your metal roof can look like an expensive wood shakes, slate, barrel tile, or even give that cozy and warm farmhouse feels of standing seam roof. With the excellent coatings these days, metal roofs have many different color variations. Products in the market can improve a home with quality in pattern and texture. Make sure to ask your roofing contractor, so they can create a customized plan for your roof and meet your exact wishes. 

Think of your pride and satisfaction as you own a house with an elegant metal roof. 


The leading problem of most homeowners is the expense of their living in their houses. At Rugged Roofing and Restoration, we create our roofs for energy efficiency in three main ways. We take advantage of how heat moves to block it from coming into your home or get it out once it comes into your home. The reflective coatings that we design will help redirect heat, while the inner airspace under the metal shingles gives a thermal break to prevent conductive heat transfer. Ultimately, correct attic ventilation will utilize convective airflow to collect attic heat outside. 

A metal roof with energy efficiency will make many homeowners join and enjoy energy savings of up to 20% or more. 

Home Value

Perhaps, your home is your most significant investment. Over many years, you have witnessed its value go up and down. However, just like any property, keeping its worth and even adding to it will help it expand over the years. An excellent metal roof adds instant value to a house and, unlike standard roofs that weaken fast, it keeps the value over time. A durable metal roof will also make your house more appealing and inviting to potential home buyers and stop the need for sudden roof replacement from being a trading point in negotiations. 

Imagine a roof that can be useful for many years, and it protects your family and your investment. 

Just like in a saying, There is no place like home. 

Live Comfortably Under a New and Quality Metal Roof

We can assist you in maintaining your home as a place for your peace and rest. But how? With our skillful and marvelous roofers, we are proud to give your roofing services that will be the answers to your roofing concerns. Call us today or email us for roofing estimates. We are glad to answer your questions. 

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