Actors With Leather Jackets

Actors With Leather Jackets
Leather jackets give you a stylish rich and at times a look of a biker. Jackets can go with anything whether its a shirt, plan t-shirt, sandos and to trying something new maybe a kurta also Jackets are a mixture of rock n roll attitude they are long term investments if you take proper care they will last lifetime and can go with any seasons and any time mornings evenings n even at nights. Catch all the Actors With Leather Jackets
1. Here’s one of our favorites Varun Dhawan wearing a stylish black jacket and it also gives a look of a bike rider lets go for a ride baby!

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2. Arjun Kapoor wearing the jacket in more stylish manner and a different look with a black kurta and its simply stylish.
3. Another style icon Ranbir Kapoor get his jacket styled with a pair of jeans.
4. And Finally Here comes Big boss 9 Host Salman khan, matches the jacket with a shirt and goes stylish.

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